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Let’s look at different resume styles: Some are effective while others are not. If you were a hiring manager, which candidate below would you want to interview? These examples are real. They are the original narrative approach from a submitted resume, along with an alternative.

Candidate A – “Objective: “I’m looking for a career opportunity where we can work together to grow your business revenue online. I am an outgoing, strategic, creative and passionate individual. I enjoy learning about, as well as implementing new and/or current marketing strategies within the various online marketing channels available today.”

Candidate B – “Objective: “To increase revenue and profit for a growth-oriented business through digital marketing.”

The hiring manager doesn’t care what you are looking for! The hiring manager wants to know, “What are you going to do for me?” In the second example you are telling the hiring manager the results you have achieved before and can achieve for him/her. Which is more powerful?

Candidate A – “Managed the bank’s business banking relationship with clients to maintain and enhance revenue targets, profitability, customer satisfaction and credit risk profile consistent with the banks objectives.”

Candidate B – “A 10% increase in revenue by developing new banking relationships”

Candidate A – “Manage all commercial video and data product portfolios across the XXX, YYY, and ZZZ markets to ensure customer satisfaction and attainment of budgeted targets including net subscribers, revenue and others, including on-going performance trajectory to long range plan. Lead major product lifecycle maintenance activity, portfolio initiatives, new product launches, acquisition and retention campaigns, pricing, and rate action activity. Perform competitive analysis and execute projects to ensure successful implementation of strategic product initiatives, create/conduct presentations, communicate technical requirements, and track and report results. Lead cross-functional teams to coordinate product enhancements with wide range of boundary partners including sales, marketing, engineering, finance, senior leadership, vendors, and customers. Ensure end-to-end process and information system interoperability for all product activity.”

Candidate B – “A revenue increase from $2 million to $4 million in 2 years by creative marketing strategies of commercial video/data product portfolios across three major markets”

Will the hiring manager want to find out how this candidate achieved those results through the “narrative style” or the “results style”? Who do your think will get the interview?

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