Why Leave a Good Job?

If you’re happy in your job, satisfied with your pay, see an opportunity to move up, and have a good boss, why would you be thinking of leaving for another job? It seems counter intuitive, but there may be valid reasons why you may be better off somewhere else. So what are the reasons why up to half of all employees who are happy are thinking of changes. Here’s a few:

1. The industry that you’re in is not the industry you want to be in
2. Your company or function is not in your “sweet spot”, by training or education
3. Your company is in a spiral downward, creating a vulnerability for you
4. The company is not keeping up with the changing nature of the business
5. The technology is second rate, which means your skill sets will begin to lag
6. Lack of confidence in the top leadership of the organization
7. The business direction or decisions about the future doesn’t make sense to you
8. Your state-of-the-art skills will leverage you faster and higher somewhere else
9. You may see yourself as an entrepreneur, owning your own business
10. The rumor mill heats up that a bigger firm will acquire your company.

Should you be concerned? Only you can answer that question, but the number of employees who are seriously considering leaving their employment is rising. There are economic reasons for checking out the marketplace:

1. Over the past 7 years, raises have not moved you ahead of your costs
2. The growth of the economy, your industry or your company hasn’t provided the opportunities you were expecting when you hired in
3. Your last performance merit increase was uninspiring even though the actual results you achieved on the job was excellent.
4. The changes in healthcare costs, taxes, college for your kids, the need for a new car, or other financial expenses have caused you to dip into your reserves

So what do you do about it? Here are some thoughts:

1. Figure out the balance between a happy, satisfying job and good relationships against the concerns you have. Which one has the strongest pull currently?
2. Ask yourself how will it be different in 5 years? Will your current position or the marketplace break open more beneficially for you?
3. Keep your resume updated and compelling at all times. You never know.

There’s a big difference between a good job and a great job! It’s a risk/reward question.

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