Google Yourself… Be Surprised

Organizations that screen applicants to fill an open position will try to find out as much as they can about you before an actual interview. Why? So they can eliminate you before a costly interview if anything negative shows up. You may never become a candidate because information may be found that knocks you out of contention time after time again. The information they find may be false, but it doesn’t matter, as it’s too late to make right.

If you’re making application to jobs but never hear back, you may be one of the victims of bad information. Where does this bad information come from? Sometimes it comes from your friends on Facebook, co-workers who aren’t your friends or even your own self-written profile that doesn’t match up with your resume: Your giving conflicting information.

What do others say about you? Is it accurate? Does the information reflect the truth about you? Do you know everything a potential employer will find? Why not find out!

First, run your own search to find out what employers will see. Search your name in quotes (“James Bond”) using Google, Facebook or any other social media vehicles. Also run nicknames, initials if you use them, a middle name or initials, i.e., Jim Bond, Jimmy Bond, J.R. Bond, James R. Bond, James Rufus Bond, etc. If you can’t find a match, put in modifiers like your city/state, schools attended or current company.

If something comes up that you want to change or eliminate, go into the editing portion of the website and make the change. Make sure your resume and profile match up. Nothing will get you eliminated faster than giving different personal information, addresses, dates, schools, degrees, or employment history in different profiles than your resume. You lose credibility in the eyes of the hiring organization.

Next, check out any images or photos that are out there. Use Google Image Search at: Maybe there’s a picture of you in cap and gown looking goofy, a fraternity/sorority picture that would be embarrassing. or a multitude of other poses. These can be eliminated and replaced with a more mature or professional pose. “Google Alert” will send you emails when your name or other information shows up.

Lastly, make sure your Google account is secure. You have a privacy setting that can prevent others from accessing your account and either changing information or researching and recording each and every message, video, searches, or website visited. Your information is available to anyone unless you take steps to prevent it from becoming public.

Protect yourself. Make sure your application isn’t being compromised with bad information. Hiring organizations don’t know you exist unless you can get in front of them. Eliminate the things that can eliminate you!

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