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“Why do they take so long to make a point?” so says a hiring manager while reading a resume. When you’re listening to a boring speaker or reading a dull passage, you “tune out” when they can’t make a point. The same is true with your resume. You don’t want the hiring manager to “tune out” before you make your point.

So, where on your resume do you place your best qualities, high performance results, or major contributions? That’s right: At the beginning, up front and center! The reason? If you can’t engage the hiring manager within the first 10 seconds of your resume, you’ve missed an opportunity to make an excellent first impression.

The resume becomes a word-picture for the hiring manager to decide: “Given what I read on the resume, will this person contribute to my results?” Once the hiring manager believes that your resume is worth further investigation, you receive a telephone interview. A long, detailed narrative on your resume about your activities will seldom get a telephone interview. Why? Because important points get lost in the volume of words that camouflage your key results. Here are two examples:

Using the narrative form #1: “As a sales executive, I developed a strong sales record in my territory by increasing revenue by 15% while achieving multiple sales awards for new business”

Using the bullet form #1:
15% revenue increase by expanding the customer base for new business growth

The bullet form did three things:
It puts the results up front and in bold to bring the reader’s eye to the 15%
Hiring managers want to know “how” you got those results: “Expanding the customer base”
It tells the hiring manager that you not only got results, but you got growth in new business
…. And all in 11 words and one number!

Using the narrative form #2: “After 10 years as an accounting manager, 4 years as an Assistant Controller and 6 years as Controller of a small manufacturing company, I am seeking a Controller’s position for a medium sized corporation”

Using the bullet form #2:
12.5% reduction in operating costs as a Controller and financial business leader

Hiring managers are looking for professionals who can produce the results that will meet their objectives. If you can’t demonstrate through your word-pictures the experiences and results to contribute to those objectives, you will fall short as a potential candidate.

Make your key points early in your resume to make the right impression to get the interview. Create a resume that compels the hiring manager to say, “I need to talk with this person”.

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