Want a $112,000 Job?

I’m always on the lookout for trends in the job marketplace. My objective: Find the best career step for my clients who want to advance themselves and contribute at a higher level. I came across an article from CNN Money in February 2016 that caught my attention in a couple different ways. Here’s how this job could be marketed:

“WANTED: A hard-working individual who wants to make over $100,000. A company vehicle, gas and maintenance are provided. All you need is a commercial drivers license. No sales required, as your customers will seek your services. The employer provides all training along with an apprentice helper. Call immediately for this high paying and responsible position.”

So what is this high paying and responsible position: A garbage truck driver in New York City.

The realities of the job are:
Yes, it pays over $112,000 a year in salary
You’ll work the graveyard shift of 7 pm to 3 am, in all types of New York weather
Work 55 to 60 hours a week, lift heavy trash bags, drive through chaotic traffic and parking
Offers long-term job security, full health care coverage and a 401(k) retirement account
If you leave the job you get severance pay
The downside?
Rotting food, rats, dead animals, messy cleanup after roaming vermin
Safety issues: Vehicle and personal injury, weather, drunks and other bad guys
Negative stigma to family and friends

How does it compare to other pay and education levels? (U.S. Dept. of Labor and Education)
A high school dropout earns about $24,000; A high school graduate about $30,000 a year
An Associates Degree – average $32,200; A College Degree – average $50,000+ a year
National average for garbage drivers $40,000; NYC – the starting salary is $80,000
A master’s degree – average $62,300

So, what are some of the take-a ways from this article?
Recruiters and WANT ADS play up the positives but may not give you all the information
The Supply/Demand formula is alive and well. When the demand is high, so is the money
If money is your sole criteria, have at it, but don’t blame me!
You have to determine what you really want in a job. It’s not always money!
Make sure you have the passion for what you do. If you don’t love it, leave it!
Do your research: Determine the difference between perception and reality
Have a professional help you target your “sweet spot”
A professional can give you 90% of the potential interview questions and your best answers

So what to do? Identify your unique qualities that organizations are looking for in a candidate. Focus your results-driven resume to those qualities. Interview in a way to become the candidate of choice based on what the hiring manager needs. Prepare yourself for the move up.

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