Why is Your Resume Rejected?

If you send out 10 resumes you should receive a positive response for a telephone interview from at least 2 of them, or a 20% rate. On the other hand, if you send out 10 resumes and never hear back, something is wrong. What’s the difference between these two examples?

First of all, you should get some kind of response even if they only say that they received your resume. If you don’t get a “thank you for applying”, it tells you something about their management style and professionalism.

Secondly, your resume should match at least 70% of the position description requirements. Don’t expect to move your candidacy forward if you can’t meet what the hiring company is looking for. One of the major reasons that applicants never hear back is the resume doesn’t even come close to the job specs.

Third, your resume must show results that can be applied to the open position, and better yet, show that you’ve done it before. Nothing will effectively turn a hiring manager’s attention to you then by demonstrating success from a past experience to apply to a current issue.

Fourth, if your sending out a multitude of generic resumes and don’t hear back for a telephone-screening interview, chances are you’re way off the mark. That’s why generic resumes don’t work. Each resume has to be tailored to fit the requirements of the job without fabricating your experiences. If your experiences aren’t at least 50% of the position description, your chance of receiving a telephone interview is very low. A compatibility of 70% or more means a higher percent chance for a telephone interview. The rest of the interview has to do with compatibility and “fit”.

Rejection always hurts. You may think that hiring organizations fail to understand what you can do for them. That may be true. But who is responsible for convincing them of your value? You may not be communicating your value well enough. No one is saying “no” to you because they know you personally. Rejection comes from the analysis of your background compared to what they need.

When your resume and “fit” are compatible at 70% or better, you’ll find that your response rate will start to move much higher. Why not 100%? Because are other factors like:

•They’re looking for same-industry experience or a higher level of complexity

•They want an MBA, a specific college major or more specialized experiences

•They don’t want to move you across the country when a local, quality candidate is nearby

There’s one best way to get a better job. Show the hiring manager that you can make a significant difference to his results beyond all others.

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