How would you like to earn 276 times your current compensation? Simple. Just become a CEO at one of the largest 350 corporations (in sales) in America. That’s from the Washington, D.C. based Economic Policy Institute, released in July 2016. Here’s some additional information:

  • CEO’s of America’s largest companies earns 276 times more than the average worker
  • That’s an average of $15.5 million last year
  • However, that’s down from 2014, which was a ratio of 302-to-1, CEO to worker.

On the other hand, there are over 200,00 CEO’s in America

  • The average compensation of ALL CEO’s across America is $185,000 a year
  • Here is a set of numbers that will blow your mind:
  • From 1978 to 2015, inflation-adjusted CEO compensation increased 941%
  • That’s 73% faster than the stock market growth
  • and significantly faster than the growth in a typical worker’s compensation
Year CEO-to-worker compensation ratio


1973 22   times what the typical worker made
1989 59
1995 123
2000 376
2015 276


So what does all this information tell you about your future compensation?

  • Salaries for the average worker (adjusted for inflation) has not increased in about 10 years
  • Your purchasing power has deflated if you stayed in your current job over that time period
  • The stock market drop in 2008 impacted most retirement accounts, but is slowly coming back
  • Most employees don’t get bonuses, incentives, stock options or other deferred income
  • You’ll fall well behind your peer group unless you keep current technologically

The only way you will increase your income is to:

  • Get a second part-time job evenings or week-ends
  • Negotiate with your employer for more money based on results
  • Ask for more responsibilities for more pay
  • Get promoted to a higher paying level in your current organization
  • Leave your company for another higher paying job

Given the alternatives above (except for the finding a part-time job) a coach can help you achieve your goals. The techniques for advancing your career have changed dramatically over the years. Unless you’ve kept up with the marketplace, finding your next big salary increase or next position can be difficult.

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