Here are some facts, realities and common sense approaches to increase your chance of success.

  • You need to target jobs where you meet at least 75% of the requirements. Anything less, you’re wasting your time because others are better qualified. If you design your resume correctly you’ll receive a response rate of about 50%. Anything less and your not targeting correctly or your resume is faulty.
  • Of your responses, half should result in a telephone interview, meaning you’re in the top 10 candidates. Face-to-face interviews mean you’re usually one of the finalists. After a second interview, you should be receiving an offer.
  • Each step needs a carefully crafted strategy designed specifically for that job opening. Using the same approach for different jobs is like rolling the dice with a blindfold on.
  • Hiring organizations will inquire about your work experiences, past companies, skill sets and education. Your objective, through your resume and interviews, is to match your background and experiences with the open job description as closely as possible.
  • The higher the organizational level and more complex the job skills, the longer it will take to find the job of your choice. Lower levels with little job skills take the shortest time. It’s better to wait for the right job. Don’t accept a job that isn’t a good fit for you. It will end badly.
  • Your network is the best way to find out what’s going on in the marketplace and find jobs where you can be introduced into the hiring organization. People who know you and what you can achieve are your greatest advocates to others. Networking should produce many of your job opportunities.
  • Even though you’re in final face-to-face interviews and are sure you’ll get an offer, don’t take your foot off of the accelerator and stop networking or following up on leads. Once you stop your job search momentum it’s hard to get it back up to speed. It’s time lost.
  • Never take rejection personally. There are reasons why a company hires someone else when you believe you’re the best choice. Keep moving forward and mentally erase the disappointment. Many applications will be ignored. Never, ever lash out in a demonstrative way. A rejection of yesterday may turn out to be an opportunity tomorrow in a different channel.
  • When a hiring manager asks you if your interviewing with other companies it means: 1- that they are very interested in you, and 2- there is a sense of urgency on their part.
  • Job opportunities will sometimes come “out of the blue”. Sometimes you’ll get help from people you hardly know. Other times people you’re counting on will not help much at all.

When things are going great everyone’s your friend. It’s only when things are in the dumpster that you’ll find out who are your true friends.

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