There are a number of reasons why:
1.Because they can
Even though the unemployment rate looks low, the number of unemployed, employed and those who have given up are multi-multi-million workers. Companies can be extremely picky. It’s estimated that one-half of college graduates are underemployed. That means employers can wait for the “perfect” candidate, who will work for lesser pay, and be darn thankful for the job.

2.The cost and risk is high – The cost of a mistake in a new hire can be in the tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. It affects both the organization and the individual in dollars wasted, time lost and the need to start all over again. It ‘s especially punishing to the individual who now has to convince a different organization that he or she is worth the risk. The organization will survive, but you may pay the price.

3.Low growth in productivity – Organizations have been cutting back in order to compensate for the low growth rate of the economy. Productivity has been flat or down. Unless you can document in a convincing way that you can raise revenue, develop a new income stream, cut costs or add significant value, hiring organizations are still in a post-recession mindset.

4.Lukewarm economy – The U.S. economy has been limping along for 8 years or so. In a presidential transition year, hiring organizations are waiting to see what the new president and Congress will do. The greater the unknown, the less hiring decisions are made, including ObamaCare, immigration, work rules, energy costs, environmental costs, national debt, and so on.

5.There are alternatives – Organizations have found alternative ways to staff up, that are cheaper and easier than hiring new full-time staff: Part-time, temporary or project workers that may not have expensive benefits to fund. High school graduates with training are doing many of the tasks a recent college graduate with no experiences can do. While not a long-term solutions, they are answers for the here and now.

So, what do you do about it? In the past, the job found you based on your track record, growth of opportunities, and the people who mentored your talent. The world has changed. Here are some thoughts about your job search plan in today’s wL

1. Be as picky about changing jobs as the organization is of selecting you. You both must win.

2.You must have a compelling resume, one that is a “slam dunk” to the position description. You can’t afford to be somewhat sure you can do the job.

3. You must sharpen your interviewing skills. A strong bond with the hiring manager.

4. Fitting into the organization culture is critical. A misfit is deadly.

5. You have to have something extra that gives you the edge in the mind of the hiring manager.

This is a time for caution.

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