There are many different ways to design a job search strategy. You’ll need to find the best alternatives for the most favorable outcome. The approach I’ve found to be the most advantageous is the 60-40 rule: 60% effort in your interactive network and 40% of all others.


THE 60% RULE This involves an assertive, interactive, well-designed networking strategy. The people who know you best are the best ones to introduce you into hiring organizations. They can market your experiences from prior jobs, champion your skills and abilities, refer you to their extended contacts, introduce you within professional associations, connect you to colleagues who are hiring and identify potential opportunities in the marketplace.


It’s a known fact that the highest percentage of new jobs is found through networking: Up to 70%. It’s no wonder that a majority of your efforts should be focused on the most likely pathway to a new and exciting career change. But it takes a great deal of energy on your part to put these networks together. The first step is to list all of your potential contacts (a minimum of 100), then prioritize them into groupings: Greatest likelihood of success to the least. Then start to make contact: The more personal face-to-face is best. Talk about the overall industry first, and then the most likely companies, lastly opportunities they may be aware. Never ask for a job.


THE 40% RULE – All other search strategies. Of all the different options, figure out which ones will have the greatest advantage to you. Here are a few alternatives:

On-Line – Connect with potential hiring organizations through major job posting websites. While this is a powerful way to find and apply to open positions, remember that thousands of other candidates are also applying. Make sure your resume is both compelling and is at least 70% paralleling the requirements of the job posted.

Ads – While considered the “old” way to find open jobs, regional and area newspapers are the best source.

Consultants – Connect with consultants in your field. They know what’s going on and where.

Trade Publications – Your expertise will be recognized in a trade-specific publication.

Recruiters – Most recruiters specialize in an industry, function or specialty. Find out who are the top producers in your field and contact them. They will keep your resume on file.

Educational Career Centers – Your higher educational institutions are great sources of knowing what’s going on with alumni looking for talent.

Associations: Most every function has a paralleling association, along with a job board.


No matter how you design your job search strategy, you must have a compelling resume, one that will get the immediate attention of the hiring manager within the first 10 seconds. You want the hiring manager to say, “This is someone I want to talk to.” It’s at this point you’ll get a telephone call for an interview.


There are multiple ways to achieve your goal. Choose the right ones.


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