Hating your job can be self-destructive or a signal to make a change. There are three different kinds of change: Those you can make on our own, those you can only influence and those that you just have to live with. Let’s look at a few of the factors over which you have little or no control. These factors will negatively affect your performance, career and in most cases, your pay:


  • Goals are absent with unclear responsibilities and objectives – This puts you in the unenviable position of not knowing what you need to accomplish, not understanding expectations and being unable to fulfill the job responsibilities that are undefined.
  • Organizational constraints prevent you from performing at your highest level – When you’re denied the resources or information you require, your performance is limited. Your manager could also be an impediment to performance by micromanaging your efforts.
  • Little training or support is provided with no supervision – If you can’t learn new skills and expand your abilities, you’re doing the same things in the same way. Stunting your growth will inhibit your opportunities.
  • You’re not treated with respect nor do you have confidence in management – This factor will usually minimize your ability to try new approaches as your not sure you’ll have the support of management. You’ll take the easy way rather than take a risk.
  • Politics prevent optimal performance and favoritism prevails over competence – When you work harder and better than others yet your performance is not recognized, or worse, when the credit of your work is given to someone else, it’s time for a change.


I’m sure you can sight many more factors that you can’t control. These are items that your bosses should be focused on, not you. However, you can assess where you are in your career and when to consider looking for a greener future.


So, how do you determine when its time to take action and find something better? Look at three different yet interrelated elements that need to be in balance:


  • Personal & professional growth – Are you growing in knowledge, skills and abilities? Rate yourself from 0 to 100. 50 means you’re standing still. Anything below 50 is a negative.
  • Pay for performance – Are you keeping up with your peers in the same function and level? If not, you’re falling behind. Rate yourself from 0 to 100. Below 50 is a problem.
  • Opportunity for advancement – Are you being developed for a higher level? Is there a chance for you to advance? Rate yourself 0 to 100. Again, below 50 means your treading water.


If you’re below 50 in only one element, you should monitor your progress more closely. If you are below 50 in two out of the three elements, start checking out the marketplace. If you’re below 50 in all three elements, your growing stale and may soon be irrelevant.


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