Hiring managers hire candidates that:

  • Have a proven track record in a specific area that is most needed
  • Can demonstrate they are capable to achieve results in the short and long term
  • Can comfortably fit into the organization without being a disruptive force


So, what are the things that throw you off track for being one of the top candidates?


UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS: Hiring managers want to hear what you can do for them, not what you expect from them. Applicants that design an all-encompassing generic resume usually don’t become a candidate. Focus on the expectations of the hiring manager. If it’s not clearly stated on the position description, ask the hiring manager. Demonstrate your level of interest and then focus on the hiring manager’s needs. Internal candidates fill many openings. However, it’s your measurable results that will raise you above the rest.


THE KITCHEN SINK: Writing a four page resume with everything you’ve ever done will become boring to the hiring manager. He’ll have great difficulty sorting out the things for which he is looking. Target his key definitions of responsibilities in the position description and emphasize those skills and results on your resume and during an interview.   When you go off message with those things that are not of interest to the hiring manager, your not only wasting time but also diminishing his interest in you.


RESEARCH IS TOO HARD: Lacking information about the company means a lack of interest. You want to know as much about the organization, the job and the hiring manager as they know about you. If you don’t know about the company, their history, needs and expectations, you shouldn’t get the job. Preparation means knowledge. A hiring manager will be very impressed if you can articulate the weak areas of the competition in the function for which your interviewing.


NETWORKING IS TOO HARD: If you’re counting on newspaper ads or websites to get a new job, forget it. Most jobs are found through networking. People who know you or know about your work are more likely to put your name forward rather than a stranger. Meet with as many people as you can to learn of what’s going on in their industry, who is looking and for what. Over half of jobs are filled through networking. If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will.


FORGOTTEN RESOURCES: Networking also includes additional resources: Alumni Associations (contact those that have graduated 10 years before you as they are the hiring managers), Professional Associations/Societies (job boards), Recruiters (they know where the jobs are), Consultants (as a potential staff member, project member or for a client opening),



  • Most people find higher level jobs through their network
  • Few jobs are filled by sending generic resumes electronically
  • Internal candidates fill many jobs, BUT they usually do an external comparative search. They are looking for more qualified candidates who can achieve greater results


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