Ever wonder why your career isn’t getting the kind of traction you need? You may be making mistakes that automatically put your career in a stall. Assess your career against some of these common errors to see if you can ignite a new outcome.


#1 – Your Start Point – Careers are sidetracked because they’re started by what’s convenient rather than what’s strategically smart. Some jobs are easy to acquire but get you nowhere. Your career direction is hard to change once you’re in it.

#2 – Passion – Many talented individuals find themselves in a job, company or industry that they don’t find energizing and for which they can’t develop a passion. Very successful people have a passion for what they do. Lacking passion means a lack of success.


#3 – Point of Focus – Focus on a high level of performance or you’ll fall short of expectations. Your energy has to be centered on what you can do for the organization, rather than what they can do for you. It’s a relationship based on mutual results.

#4Shorter-term Steps – Don’t start by looking at an ultimate long-range goal that may be out of reach, without obtaining shorter-term objectives as stepping-stones. Every dream is achievable through a series of successes that take you to the next step forward.


#5Key Results – Hiring managers want to know what makes you different. Is it a long list of your responsibilities? No, because everyone has those. Is it your pay level? No, because you may be overpaid. It’s your results! No one can replicate your achievements.

#6 Poor strategy – You may stay too long in an industry or job and fall behind or not have enough time to gain the experience you need for the next level. If you’re in the wrong industry, get out as soon as possible. Too much time and you’ll be pigeonholed.


#7Underestimating Your Value – Value is determined by expectations, contributions and time. High performance must be defined, measured and communicated.

#8Articulation – If you can’t effectively communicate your contributions, how can a potential boss see your value? You must “market” your experiences, value and your worth.


#9Lack of a Network – Most jobs are found through people you know and who understand your potential. Others need to help you find the next job. Networking is critical.

#10 – Never, Ever Give Up – As they say, “It only takes one”. You may apply to 100 job openings, but the one that is tailor made for you has to be discovered. Keep digging.


In summary:

  • Take time to discover your passion/strengths and what you really want to do
  • Design your strategies and focus on the next two steps
  • Learn how to present your value in a way that is relevant to your targets
  • Align yourself with the companies that best fit your career direction and style
  • Find a mentor to pull you up and mentor those below who will push you up your career


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