There are four fundamental hurdles to move you through each step of the hiring process:


  1. Your resume has to be one of the top 10 selected out of 100 or more applicants
  2. You’re one of the top 2 or 3 candidates out of 10 with your telephone/Skype interview
  3. You must be the top candidate after your personal interviews with the decision makers
  4. You must have a mutually satisfactory offer and acceptance


If you don’t move to the next step in the hiring process, ask “Why?”. The answer is usually a generic “The fit wasn’t right, but we’ll keep you on file in case the right job comes up”. Don’t hold your breath! Remember: There’s only one winner, and everyone else falls short.


Here are some reasons why you didn’t make the cut. Most of them are beyond your control.


  1. There were shifting priorities or needs that moved the bar or changed the requirements
  2. The interviewer wasn’t skilled or competent enough to ask you the right questions
  3. You made the hiring manager nervous with your talent and experience
  4. The hiring manager was forced to make a different decision by someone higher


  1. You’re under/over qualified, under/over educated or don’t have the technical skills
  2. You blew the interview. Oh well, there’s always next time!


Here are some of the things to make “next time” successful:


  1. Most resumes describe the activities or responsibilities of the individual, while hiring managers want to hear about your results, how you got them and how you can help with short and long-term issues.
  2. There are a number of skills you need to have in a telephone or Skype interview in order to be more successful than your competitors. The differences will make you more effective. Learn and apply them.
  3. There are 4 basic styles of interviewing that hiring managers use, which if you’re not prepared to handle, can put you at a disadvantage. Learn how to succeed in an interview with each one so you’re more prepared than others.
  4. There are about 50 questions that have a high probability of being asked in an interview. Develop and practice highly successful answers beforehand so you can have targeted solutions, rather than stumbling or mumbling responses.
  5. Most answers to interview questions should be answered effectively in 30 seconds.   Learn how to focus on the issue, action and result that will make you the best candidate.
  6. Responding to an offer is an art and science. Understand what can and cannot be achieved, why, and how to weave the best opportunity for you and the company.


Becoming a skilled candidate in the steps of the hiring process increases your chances of accelerating your career. Understand what’s important to the hiring organizations first and then design your strategy around the skills that will help you achieve your goal.


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