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When do you know it’s time to call it quits and find your next job? These 6 signs are a reliable indicator of a troubled career. If you don’t take action to make a change, your boss or the organization will. It’s just a matter of time.


The workplace environment is different from what you experienced in the past:

  • The rate of change and a shifting market makes for multiple short-term careers
  • Most people will change jobs between 8 and 14 times in a career
  • Changes of less than one year cause too many questions for you to answer
  • Sharpened job skills and experience have a short shelf life when not used.


Many times the job “fix” is relatively easy, while other times you’ll need dynamite. Take a look at these six indicators and compare them to your own situation:

  • You’ve stalled out with compensation – Staying flat in compensation means you aren’t keeping up with inflation, your performance doesn’t inspire more dollars or for some reason you not moving ahead. Sometimes the organization is shrinking, with you in it. If so, don’t be the last one out. Assess your position.
  • Others are moving ahead leaving you behind – You may be in a dead end job. Other times when the company doesn’t grow, there’s nowhere to move up. When that happens you aren’t learning new skills or developing to your full potential. Find out why. Ask your boss for new or higher level responsibilities.
  • The job is boring – When the job becomes repetitive your performance will sag. If you’re spending more time on the job and it’s still boring, the situation is even worse. It may mean your boss is taking advantage of you by piling up more of the same work. Your not growing and you have less available time.
  • You’re not in the right industry or job – If you take a job outside of your passion, don’t stay in it too long. It’s very difficult to jump back into the job you want. The longer you stay, the harder it is to move to another job or industry.
  • Your boss is an impediment – Who knows why some bosses get in the way. See if you can move to another position internally or talk to human resources. Too much of a bad boss can turn you into a bad performer or a bad employee.
  • Security is a double-edged sword – Being too comfortable leads to stalling when you know you need to move on. If you’re not learning, developing, advancing in skills, knowledge, ability or compensation, your treading water.


Your reality check is the question: “Are you content with your current situation and are you satisfied with where you are at this point in time?” An honest answer is your guide. If you’re not growing or expanding your skills and experiences, you’re falling behind.


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