The marketplace rewards organizations whose workforce is smaller, yet works smarter. As a potential candidate, you need a job search strategy that will position you better than others. Use word-pictures that tell the hiring manager that you’re the perfect choice for the open job.


Position yourself in relation to the job your seeking. Tailor your resume to fit the job opening in a way that parallels what the hiring manager is looking for. In summary, the hiring manager is looking for three things:

  • Who can contribute the most to resolve my issues short and long term?
  • Who will fit in as a team member with the least disruption?
  • Who can move results forward to the next level?


When you design your resume, choose effective word-pictures so the hiring manager can relate those words to the issues that need to be solved. Use words that create an image of achievement, accomplishments and results. Words like:

  • Continuous improvement…     Performance enhancement…
  • Team management…     Increased revenue and profit…
  • Decrease cost, time, or effort…     Accelerate development, and so on…

These are the words with accompanying metrics that impress the hiring manager.


Self-adulation doesn’t work and turns the hiring manager off. Some real examples:

  • “Strong manager with excellent work ethics…”
  • “Vast expertise in Internet/Digital Marketing within different marketing channels”
  • “Strategic, visionary and analytical mindset”
  • “Extraordinary experience in fast-paced, highly competitive environments”

These are the words that appear boastful without substance.

After your word-pictures, attach valid numbers or measurements to quantify your achievements. Descriptive words, numbers or phrases such as:

  • Reduced turnover in critical operations from15% to 8.2% within 15 months
  • Through continuous improvement projects, increase productivity by 5.6%
  • Reduced time-cycle by two-fold through a team management style


During the interview, when you’re asked how those results were achieved, make sure you:

  • Define the action steps your took in less than 30 seconds
  • Relate the action steps to the issues of the hiring organization
  • Be objective in your achievements and don’t overblow your results
  • Give credit to your team-mates or others who were part of the effort


When you use word-pictures, you’re able to position yourself in the mind of the hiring manager as a productive and performance-driven part of a team. How the hiring manager perceives you is critical to being hired.


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