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A recent survey listed the most secure and the least secure jobs and their comparable pay.  I found the information interesting in a number of different ways:


  • Of the most secure jobs, all required a college degree, advanced training, or specialized certification, except for a postal service mail carrier, or a court and license clerk.
  • Of all the most secure jobs, the lowest paid was the job of Paramedics at $33,000+ a year.  Everyone else was paid at a higher rate


  • Of the least secure jobs, there were none that required a college education, special training, or advanced certifications. The least secure job of all was that of an Actor.
  • Of all the least secure jobs, the highest paid was for Fishing & Forestry workers at $45,000 a year. Everyone else was paid at a lower rate.


So what does that information tell us?


  • Education levels, advanced training or special certification paid the most and were the most secure, even in economic downturns
  • The least secure jobs were also paid the least, did not require a higher level of education or special training and were most effected with an economic downturn


What reasonable assumptions can be drawn from this information?


  • The greatest single variable of all seems to be the factors of specialized knowledge, training, or education. When hiring managers have two candidates with very similar backgrounds or experiences, the decision makers will usually go with the person that has something special to add potential value to their organizational results.
  • Pay is directly related to the factors listed above. The more education, specialized knowledge, certifications or advanced training a candidate has, comes out ahead.
  • Core contributions (those that directly affect accelerated revenue or reduction of costs) are the most sought after factors in both security and pay. If you can affect either one, through your knowledge, skills or ability, you are more likely to be secure and paid at a higher level.
  • Increasing your education, certifications, training or advancing your skills through on-line courses or programs for certification gives you a distinct edge. It shows your employer or hiring manager that you want to advance your value and you have the motivation and drive to achieve a higher level of contribution.
  • The greater the automation that is possible in your industry or company, the less secure your function will be. Jobs that 5 years ago that looked secure may not be so now.
  • Product purchasing, courses, educational degrees, communications and books are all available on-line. However, so are hacking, phishing, scamming and identity theft.  The bad guys seem to be two steps ahead of the good guys in protecting your interactions.
  • When just starting out in your first job, having less security with less training, education or certifications but being paid more, over time you are more vulnerable to job security and will be paid much less than your counterparts.


Don’t prepare for the future by looking in the rear view mirror.  Those days are gone.


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