What are the jobs in jeopardy during the next 11 years, to 2030?  The first jobs to go are:

  • Jobs that sort, inventory, or pick products: Warehouse, distribution, catalog
  • Administrative support for Police, Fire Fighting, Bankers, Tellers, and record keeping jobs
  • Jobs that use driverless vehicles:Trucks; Taxi; Livery; Short or small deliveries; Shuttles
  • Jobs that are repetitive: Fast food; Data analysts who copy, record, sort, or audit data
  • Jobs that can be replaced with electronics: Security, medical monitoring activities

And the one that can affect you the most:

  • Jobs that use artificial intelligence for screening and interviewing job applicants

This last item should be of special interest to you.  Large companies are already using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to sort and “read” resumes, then perform an on-line “interview” to check out the knowledge and skill of the applicant.  Next on the horizon will be telephone screening calls by a robot!  The phone call will be automated to ask a series of pre-defined questions of all applicants.  Your answers will be recorded then compared to the position description along with all other applicants.  The hiring manager will then interview the top two or three candidates. Does that sound impersonal or lacking the human touch?  Welcome to the future!

So, how do you beat the robotic system?  Focus on the position description.  It’s the key.

Computers are programmed to look for key words on your resume that parallels the key words in a position description.  If you use the same words on your resume, the computer will view you as a viable candidate.  Use different words and your resume will be tossed.  Here are some useful tips:

  1. Use the exact words from the position description on your resume. If the company is looking for a civil engineer, using the word engineer may not cut it
  2. Usually there are 5 to 10 key words or phrases that describe the critical requirements the hiring company is looking for in a candidate: Job Title, degrees, certifications, experiences, industry, company names, computer programs or applications, and so on.
  3. These key words will be noticed quicker and ranked higher if they’re on the first page
  4. Multiple uses of key words increases the likelihood of a fit, especially from past jobs. Algorithms like repetition.
  5. Words like energized, talented, accomplished, loyal, effective and so on are meaningless. Words that are job specific are critical as they match the descriptors.
  6. If a cover letter is requested or required, focus like a laser beam on the key job skills and results that are most likely to get attention.  Personalizing a cover letter or hoping to charm a computer won’t work.

Outsmarting a computer is easy, once you know the tricks. However, to succeed with a personal interview with the hiring manager takes a background with results that match the open position.  If you don’t have the background, you’ll have wasted everyone’s time and your own credibility.

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