No matter what your age, from 15 to 60, you should be preparing for retirement.  Why? Unless you’re independently wealthy, you’ll end up losing control of your future.  Why are so many people unprepared for retirement?  It’s not because they don’t know it’s going to happen, nor because it takes them suddenly by surprise.  I can think of only two fundamental reasons why they’re not ready:

  • They don’t effectively plan for their retirement and are unprepared when it happens
  • A health or major event occurs that depletes their financial resources quickly

Back in time, retirement was taken care of by the children bringing one or both parents into their home as an extended three-generation family.  That still occurs, but not nearly as much as before. Children move away and continually relocate with the shifting job situation.


The most vulnerable are older persons who:

  • Have shortened work years because of health, child-rearing, or involuntary terminations
  • Have gaps in work or lack of continuity that prevents advancement up the economic ladder
  • Are trailing spouses who never have time to accumulate funds
  • Don’t have work related retirement plans
  • Use disposable funds for new cars, boats, second homes, or vacations rather than retirement
  • Live much longer than their plans, and well beyond their available funds
  • Lack credits or minimal Social Security income to supplement retirement needs


Of course not all individuals are in these categories.  There are actions that can be taken to relieve or solve the retirement question.  Whether man or woman, married or single, early or late in a career, here are a few strategies to consider:

  • Whoever and wherever you are, develop a long term plan to support your retirement needs
  • Optimize company sponsored plans like a 401k. It’s a 100% return on some of your money
  • Live at least 10% below your total income. Put that 10% into a separate retirement account
  • Make sure you have adequate insurance on both spouses in case of an emergency
  • Open up an IRA for both spouses and all children. Use the IRA’s for part-time work, summers, home businesses, consulting business or income between jobs
  • Keep cars longer, even for a year or two, and resist the urge to buy major new items
  • Pay off mortgages with twice-a-month payments rather than monthly
  • Once the car, credit cards or mortgage is paid off, use that money toward retirement
  • Invest in stocks that have a history of increasing dividends each year. A low risk strategy.


Due to healthier eating and life style, plus technological advances in medicine and health care, life expectancy has changed over the years:

  • 1900   Male – 46.3   Female – 48.3
  • 1950   Male – 65.6   Female – 71.1
  • 2000   Male – 75      Female – 80
  • 2025 projected   Male – 78      Female – 83


The answers for retirement?  Prepare early, stay healthy, plan to live longer, and don’t outspend your future.


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