What attributes do you need to achieve success?  What should you do differently?

Successful individuals are different from less successful ones.  If you can understand and pattern your behavior in a different way, you may be able to change the trajectory of your job and maybe your career.  What are those attributes? 

Successful individuals:

  • Are focused and concerned about results, contributions and achievement. Successful people are not too concerned about their title because the results of high performance will dictate their position of responsibility over time.  Meritocracy drives your future.  Take responsibility for your own actions without finger pointing when things fall short.
  • Are open minded to new information, ideas and opportunity. Successful people tend to have a wide expanse of alternatives to the job to be done and can objectively assess their place in it. They aren’t hemmed in by what they can’t do, but are willing to explore new and different ways to achieve higher results.
  • Are continually expanding their knowledge, skills and abilities.  Successful individuals increase their technology and functional skills, certifications, degrees, languages and generally explore areas of knowledge they may need in the future. They tend to prepare for what’s to come, in addition to their current necessity for an outstanding job.
  • Develop a self-confidence as they become more self-assured in the job. Successful people tend to look at work in a different way.  They consider issues needing solutions, alternatives and strategies to solve work impediments.  Successful individuals tend to look for issues before they become problems.  In the process, they avert performance issues early on.
  • Begin to take on leadership roles like project and task leaders, new ventures, and even leadership roles in the community that has value to transfer those skills that managers need. These are all relationship skills that becomes more important as you move up the ladder of success.  People-skills become the key ingredient to success.
  • Share success with those who helped to contribute to the outcome.There are very few things in life that we do entirely alone.  We all need support and effort from others.  Successful individuals tend to be humble and sharing, rather than a braggard. People choose leaders with whom they believe in and embrace their goals.
  • Will pull themselves up after adversity. Not all things work out the way you would like.  Successful individuals will figure out what the next positive step should be, puts a plan and strategy together, involves others in the execution and reverses the outcome.  They take control of their own destiny.  Waiting for things to work out, usually doesn’t.
  • Always celebrate achievements of the “team”, those who contributed to their success. Self-centered people are insecure in their abilities and are seen negatively by others. Successful individuals share the limelight, which positions them as the leader. 

Top management is always on the lookout for individuals who demonstrate these success strategies.  By demonstrating these attributes you help the organization, your work group, and yourself.

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