Everyone communicates in some form or another.  But how we communicate becomes an issue when the alternatives are narrowed to an extent it affects our ability to communicate effectively.  These are my observations as I view what’s happening with the communications process.


Communications to me is an interpersonal one.  Sometimes it’s one-on-one, a group discussion, even the newscasters communicating what’s going on in the world.  Its information sharing in a rather fundamental way.  Here’s what concerns me:


  • I cringe when I go to a restaurant and see people of all ages, especially the young, have their heads bowed and look like they’re praying at the table. In reality they’re texting with someone under the table, or checking on a sports score.  Interactive communications at the dinner table become less important, as are the people
  • Another strange example of a communications conundrum is listening to a British newscaster explain to me what’s going on in America. Is it because the English have a better understanding of the news in America, or is it that the British are better at articulating the news in an understandable way?  I bet it’s because of the educational system in Britain:   They teach English as a form of communications far better than the American system.  Debate and the verbalization of ideas is a communication method that penetrates even through the political system, like the House of Commons debating issues of local, national and international importance.
  • I’ve noticed that our younger population has difficulty carrying on a conversation around an issue. I find that to be true even at the MBA level.  Either they don’t understand the issues or can’t formulate the assumptions or facts to support their positions.  It’s all about “feelings”.  A discussion without knowledge, information or facts to substantiate their conclusions is meaningless.
  • It’s become a joke on late night television when the interviewer asks college students about historical or current events that draws a collective blank. Or being asked to identify a photo of the Vice-President of the United States, their State Senator, or President of their College/University only to strike out.  But show a picture of a movie star, recording artist, or a cartoon character and they light up like a Christmas tree.
  • Victimization is another communications loophole. “I can’t be responsible for my own behavior because it’s not my fault”.
  • Instead of talking with others we now have earplugs to learn or amuse ourselves. Interaction and interrelationships seem to be more difficult and painful.  The latest step in technology is to have an implant into the brain so you can mentally access the internet without having to use your fingers on a keypad.


I can’t wait!


Fortunately, the job search process is all about effective communications.  It means a compelling written resume, with a successful telephone screen and face-to-face interview.  Afterwards a candidate must effectively communicate and negotiate compensation, work objectives and expectations.  The effective communicator wins every time.


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