If you think you can piece together a resume then get offers surging in, you’re living in a fantasy world. Today, hiring managers want to know your measurable results, why you’re better than others, how you’ll fit in, and what’s your potential for the future. More thoughts:


  • Unless you know your destination, you can’t know your next step. You need to define your accomplishments, then match them with your next job to advance your career.
  • Design a COMPELLING resume.  A hiring manager must say, “This is someone I want to talk to because they have what I need!”.  Measurable results must be included.
  • You should receive an initial telephone or skype screening interview with about 50% of your applications if you’re targeting correctly. This means you are one of ten to be contacted. They will be checking your background, education, experiences and communications skills.  This will be the first of three interviews.
  • The top 2 or 3 will be asked to interview in person. Research the company to understand their history, products, issues and opportunities. Practice answering the questions, “What did you do?  How did you do it?  What were the results?”
  • If you are a finalist candidate, you will be asked back for a second interview. Will you fit the culture and working environment to improve performance with the existing “team”, or will you be an impediment to results?  You will usually meet the “team”, peers, the boss’s boss and maybe even subordinates.
  • At this point there may be an offer. With two finalists of equal experiences, the one that is a better fit will get the offer.  Be seen as a team player, who is a supporter not a competitor with others, and can add value, not duplicate the skills already there
  • With an offer, make sure you understand each point. Never say “no” to any part of the offer, but simply say, “Is this point flexible as I would like to discuss it further”
  • An offer may be contingent on your references. References should first be asked if they can serve as a reference.  They should be able to favorably support and articulate the key points of the position description of the new job
  • An offer should be in writing with your acceptance in writing, sent to the hiring manager with a receipt requested, or by Fed Ex documenting the delivery.  Job offers have been lost in the mail or withdrawn because of a miscommunication.
  • Resignation from your current job should be done professionally. You may have to come back to them for a positive reference later. Written resignations should be short.
  • Advice: When starting a new position, two approaches are critical.  First, create relationships for the long term.  Second, choose low hanging fruit where results are visible and your credibility can be established.


Last word:  No two job searches are the same.  Each one is tailored not only to the individual, but to the position and organization to which you aspire.


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