The Coronavirus has really played havoc on the economy, the marketplace and those who would have been looking for a change from their current job to a new and higher-level position.  So, what should you do?  Wait?  Forget about it?  Or accelerate your efforts?


Let me lay out some ideas for you to consider as to why now might be a good time to search for a new position:


First, now is the best time to prepare.  Why?  Do to “sheltering in place”, you may have the time to create a powerful resume, research the marketplace to see where the opportunities are available, organize your strategy to tailor your experiences to the strongest part of the marketplace, research the functions that hiring organizations are in short supply, and find out where the compensation factors align with your talents and experiences.  All of this information takes time to position yourself in a professional manner.


Second, once the Coronavirus begins to wane, there will be a surge of opportunities to fill in order to recapture the business or momentum that was lost.  So many businesses and organizations have diminished or lost their forward motion. It will take added staff or replacements to recoup what was lost.  The skills needed for results will be:  To Increase revenue, decrease costs, upgrade systems, implement process improvement, or train new staff to develop new skills in the existing staff.  Hiring organizations will need to get a jump on their competitors quickly, or be left behind.


Thirdly, the job opportunities will be greatest as the marketplace begins to wake up, since other potential candidates will sit back and wait, giving you a month or two head start.  As the Coronavirus begins to diminish, hiring organizations will accelerate the hiring process by using the telephone or Skype as a primary interviewing tool rather than face-to-face interaction. This will shorten the time-line for candidate selection.  When the surge breaks, there will be a run on available talent.  You want to be at the head of the line, not at the back.  All sectors of the marketplace will be competing for talent:  For-profit companies, non-profit organizations, government agencies, state and local municipalities, and especially entrepreneurial small businesses.


Here are some other items you may consider while you’re waiting for the market to turn around:  Get a certification to advance your functional skills; take an on-line course with the latest technology in your field; read the latest research; talk with others in your field to learn who is planning to expand; research the most innovative companies in your function to find out what they’re doing; interview a role model.


The Coronavirus has caused major disruptions in our normal everyday life.  For some, it will cause an irreversible career stall.  Time and opportunities will be gone.  For others, it will provide expanded opportunities.  How you deal with your available time and effort will determine how you come out on the other end.


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By My Greener Future

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