Ever ask the question, “How do some people come out of a bad situation even better than they were before?”, or “Why are some people’s luck better than mine after a crisis?”.  Well, maybe it’s because their attitude and approach to the issue was different than yours.


My experience has shown that the difference between those who come out of a major or minor crisis smelling like a rose was dependent upon two factors:

  • Their attitude
  • Their preparation and execution during the change


ATTITUDE:  Your mental and psychological approach to problems affect how effectively you deal with adversity.  Those with a defeatist attitude will never be able to advance beyond being a victim.  Comments like, “I can’t, I’m being held back, I’m not prepared, I’m not as good as someone else, I don’t have the time”, and many more such views will inevitably lead to falling short.  Giving up before you start will keep you in the failure mode.


What you’re looking for is an encore performance to what you were able to achieve before the crisis.  You’ve already demonstrated a level of success prior to the event.   You were a contributor before the economic downturn of 2008, an illness, a financial loss, a slump in your industry, a layoff, or the current Coronavirus. Your attitude about the ability to accomplish the same or a better outcome than before the problem will dictate your results now.  Once your attitude and willingness to change toward a more positive direction is set, then it’s a matter of preparation and execution.


Questions you may want to ask:  What has made me the happiest in my life and career?  What am I most passionate about?  What gives me the greatest satisfaction?  What am I able to change? What are my “drivers” (things that motivate me to be successful)?


PREPARATION and EXECUTION:  Once you’re squared away in your own mind, it’s time to help others understand what you’re capable of achieving, in their mind.  The following steps seem to be the sequence that’s needed.

  • Don’t make too quick a decision. Think it through. You want to be right, not fast.
  • Creatively broaden your vision. Where can you best redeploy your skills/experiences?
  • Be realistic about your direction, possibilities and financial support needed
  • Use a professional coach who understands the marketplace and your potential in it
  • Assess your greatest assets. What can you do, whereas others are less competent?
  • Define past accomplishments in measurable terms to achieve visible results
  • Take an on-line course or certification to bulk up your credentials
  • Create a compelling resume, that persuades a hiring manager to ask for an interview
  • Launch a broad network of contacts in your chosen field, including social media
  • Practice the skills of effective interviewing to move you ahead of your competitors
  • Test the marketplace with a professional coach to identify the best potential prospects


Major change is difficult to navigate.  Set your goal and strategy to succeed.


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