Covid-19 has really messed up the job market, career opportunities, decisions about your next move, and how work is done differently now.  How do you unscramble the issues in order to find the best strategy for you short and long term?  Here are some facts, alternatives and implications you might want to consider:


LOCATIONS: Big cities are out.  Suburban and rural are in.

  • Professionals are moving out of the big cities. Personal safety in cities is a concern.
  • With the push to the suburbs, the cost of housing is up, and city apartments are down
  • Low interest rates and the push for housing have driven costs up
  • In New York City, 1200 restaurants have closed, affecting the economy and jobs
  • Public transit in large cities are providing minimal services, affecting jobs

OFFICES:  There has been a big shift in office size and locations

  • Large multi-thousand square foot offices are either shrinking or being sold off
  • Offices are centers for computers and technology, not for water cooler discussions

EXECUTIVE DECISION MAKERS:  Are making major changes in their business models

  • The smart ones have shifted to flexibility, new communications and services
  • Less smart ones are trying to maintain the old business models against the changes

MANAGERS/SUPERVISORS: These are the most affected group within management

  • Those who are effectively managing remote workers are in great demand
  • Those who are effective only in an office situation are at a great disadvantage
  • Those who are not technologically up to speed are vulnerable


OPPORTUNITES:  Those who have prepared for the future will be rewarded

  • Before, most jobs were available only in the local market. Outsiders had to relocate.
  • Now, remote work can be done anywhere so the marketplace in national, not local

DOWNSIDES:  There are elements of remote work that need to be countered.

  • A feeling of aloneness can cause distancing and a feeling of being cut off from life
  • Make sure you maintain a social connection through electronics, at the very least
  • Meetings with bosses, career advice and development have been curtailed
  • “Out of sight, out of mind” can affect your career trajectory

CAREERS IN A CHANGING WORLD:  So, how can you achieve your career goals?

  • If you don’t know how to work or supervise work remotely, you’re at a disadvantage
  • You need to not only sharpen your technical skills, but add value through new skills
  • Accumulate new certifications on-line. Create a differentiator from other candidates.
  • Learn better remote operating skills, remote meetings, and remote relationships
  • Become more organized, effective use of time and connections with co-workers
  • Those who have excellent remote skills and results, will be in demand world-wide
  • Effective communications with customers, co-workers and bosses are rewarded
  • Find a mentor or coach to help assess the market and put together a career strategy.


Covid-19 has changed the way work is done.  Based on projections, the future of work will never go back to the way it was before!  Plan on it.


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