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Sounds a bit counterintuitive to do a job search just before the holidays, but let me make some points.  Just before the new year there are at least 12 unusual circumstances that give you an edge in the job search market.  Your chances of finding the job you’re looking for are far greater because:


  1. Some job openings must be filled before the year is up. Open positions that are not filled by December 31st may be lost unless re-budgeted for the new year
  2. On the other hand, new positions that are budgeted for the New Year can be finalized in December for a January start-up. You want to be there first.
  3. Your networking is at its most favorable between these holidays because everyone has downtime: Time is available to contact new people and old friends
  4. Because of the holidays, less people are looking for jobs, so the competition is reduced
  5. People are in a good mood during the holidays so their receptivity & interest is higher
  6. Job vacancies rise in corporations as bonuses are handed out during the holidays. People leave for greener pastures once they have their check in hand
  7. Your determination to find a new opportunity during this period of time is noticed as a sign of persistence and resolve to better yourself
  8. You’ll be in the market and beat the rush that occurs in February
  9. Hiring managers want to get the open position filled in December/January, getting it out of the way, so they can enjoy the new year without worrying about it.
  10. Hiring managers tend to travel less in December/January so they’re more likely to be available to interview with you.
  11. If you don’t have a full-time job already, a number of companies need additional help at this time of year.
  12. You’ll keep the job search momentum going. If you stop the job search for a month or so, it’s difficult to start up from scratch again.


There are also some no-noes to keep in mind:


  1. Guide your conversations about the terrific things you’re doing, not about the terrible boss you have or the hostile environment in the company
  2. Don’t mention that you’re looking for another job and send out your resume everywhere. Send it to those who ask.
  3. If you play it right, interested people will ask you for your resume and give you their contact information. Make sur you follow up in a week or two.


If these points make sense to you, now is the time to prepare your resume and develop the strategy to optimize your holiday activities.  There are a number of possibilities for you to consider in making this holiday season a most memorable one.  Contact me.


For a FREE critique of your resume, send to:   wkaufmann44@gmail.com

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