COVID-19 has caused a major upheaval in both the economy and jobs.  Many jobs have been lost or modified in a way that new skills are needed. Jobs in the service sector are the most affected:  Hotels, restaurants, school staff, travel and entertainment workers, to name a few.  These are the people who should consider a change of industry and job. So, what should they do, how and when?  Here are some thoughts:

  • When should you start to plan and begin taking action? NOW!
  • A recent survey shows that over 60% of workers who have lost their jobs have changed industries. You’re not alone with the desire to move out of your prior industry and into a job that has promise for years to come.
  • Those with technical skills are the most sought after in computer applications, healthcare, systems maintenance, and support staff to keep computers working.
  • Amazon, Fed Ex, UPS and other e-commerce companies are hiring at a high rate. Amazon by itself has hired over 150,000 workers to handle on-line orders, then an additional 100,000 to sort and ship packages for the holidays.  Business is not expected to slow down through the winter and into the spring due to the slowdown (and in some cases the lockdown) of inside and outside activities.
  • Jobs may move from being temporary to permanent part-time to full time. The quality of your work determines your movement to a more responsible job, usually at a higher pay.  You also may move from a 3rd shift to a 2nd or 1st shift as business expands and opportunities open up for becoming a supervisor.
  • Some companies are on such an accelerated growth cycle that promotional opportunities beyond supervisor develop for current employees, rather than hire an unknown from the outside.
  • Also, as you move to a permanent status, you become eligible for health benefits, insurances, holiday and vacation pay.
  • Local community colleges are a center for re-training. National programs are also available and most courses are on-line, so you can make your own schedule and work at your own pace.  A number of companies will pay all or part of your costs if you commit to work for them.
  • There are “bootcamp” programs of 12 to 14 weeks that focus on software programming. Graduates can make up to $70,000 a year and work from home.  The need for software programmers will continue for many years to come, which means layoffs are infrequent, skill training is ongoing, and new opportunities are continual.
  • Certifications can be attained with short-term classes in medical records, auto repair, long-haul drivers, heating and air conditioning, real estate, digital marketing, website development, financial analysis, customer service, pharmacy technicians, and many more.


The point of this article is to demonstrate that there are opportunities to remake your career and job prospects by taking advantage of the surge in some industries.  It takes a plan, determination, time and effort.  Start the process now!


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