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Two excellent job surveys have recently been published:  U.S. News & World Report and Glassdoor.  Each has identified rankings and pay parameters of the best jobs while taking into account other factors like stress levels, future prospects, unemployment rates and growth rates.  The criteria in each report are different, so the outcomes are dissimilar.  Some jobs slipped in the ranking while other jobs accelerated.  A summary of both surveys follows:

  • For the first time in three years, software developer did not make the #1 slot
  • It was replaced by Physician Assistant (which requires a Master’s degree)

With the current emphasis on health care, most all practitioners in the medical field raised their profile as the demand for professionals far outstripped the supply.  As competition heats up, the pay for health care workers, from aides to nurses to physician assistants, have advanced significantly.  Also, hiring bonuses and relocation allowances are also being used as a recruiting devise.  Other top-ranking jobs include:  Software Developer, Nurse Practitioner, Health Services Manager, and Physician.


The Glassdoor ranking of the “50 Best Jobs in America” shows a similar trend, but tilted less toward the healthcare industry and more to the technical or engineering industries.

  • Computer Programmers ranked #1, moving the Data Scientist job to #4
  • Next were jobs like Java Developer, Product Manager, and Development Engineer

Jobs at the executive level and interns were not included in the surveys


So, what does this all mean to you?  In the foreseeable future, health care and technology will be the greatest jobs in demand, with the supply having difficulty keeping up.  Of course, Covid-19 has exacerbated the problems within the medical profession in America and around the world.  On the other hand, constant introductions of new products, systems, faster communications, multiple electronic devises and 5G technology, the engineers, developers and engineers/technicians will continue to be in demand world-wide.


What if you’re not in the healthcare or technology fields?  Whatever your past career direction, if you want to stay relevant and at the top of your profession, focus on three elements of your knowledge, skills and experiences both on your resume and interviewing presentation.  These results MUST BE measurable as hiring managers won’t waste time with applicants who write glowing words without facts:

  • First, how you increased revenue, productivity, performance, inventory turns, profit, service levels, customer value and the things that improve an organization’s results
  • Second, how you decreased production costs, manhours, expenses, time, effort, staffing, customer problems, returns, or paperwork to improve results
  • Third, create a portfolio of multiple examples or projects that demonstrate your actions to achieve the results that increased or decreased results. These will be the examples that differentiate you from all others.  It shows your potential value to a hiring manager.


Hiring managers are being highly selective when adding staff.  They want to see past results and how those results can be transferred to their organizations.  Show them.


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