A positive remote interview is a great start, but it’s only 90% of being most effective.  The other 10% is a follow-up communique.  Here are some thoughts to give you that extra assist:


A follow-up email after a remote interview should include three segments:

  • A “thank you”
  • Communicating a high level of interest
  • A call to action


Your “Thank you” segment should be tailored to the tone and results of the remote interview itself.  The level of personalization should match the attitude and manner of the remote interview:  A warm and friendly tone or a more fact-based pitch? A team-oriented slant or a focus on the job description?  A high percentage of hiring manager have a positive response to a well written thank-you note.  It shows a level of professionalism with a touch of personal connection.  It can’t hurt, but will probably help your candidacy.


Communicating your high level of interest is very important.  The hiring manager needs to know how interested you are in the position, which translates into a high level of motivation and drive.  Show your passion and excitement at the opportunity to demonstrate results.  Make sure to recall the part of the interview that was of particular importance to the hiring manager:  The specific details of your conversation and the prior experiences you bring with you to successfully achieve the outcomes required.  Remind the hiring manager about the point of connection that will stand out.  Every interview has a point of reference that produces a “memory jogger” that brings back the face and events of the interview. The objective here is to jog the memory of the hiring manager to think, “Oh, I remember that candidate. He/she had some great experiences that we can use”.  Make sure one or two of those connection points are included in your email. It can make the difference of you being remembered, or not.


Lastly, the “call to action.  In this segment you are looking to respond to three issues:

  • You’re eager for the next step knowing that remote interviews may take longer
  • You would be pleased to respond to any other questions that may be of value
  • You look forward to hearing from the hiring manager

End the note with a respectful thanks for the time and effort of the hiring manager.


Wait a day before sending the follow-up email. You want to stay in the mind of the hiring manager, especially just before decisions are made for the next step which is usually 2 to 3 days after the interview.


Keep your email short while helping the hiring manager remember you in a positive way with key points that make you the ideal candidate.  Maintain a professional persona with a personal touch. With each segment of the follow-up email your objective is to stand out from everyone else and be remembered for the potential contribution you can make as the candidate of choice.


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