Ever wonder why you missed out on a job that you thought was perfect for you?  Could be that someone with a similar background had a certificate in an area that the hiring manager thought would be of value.  That certification made the other person a better candidate in the eyes of the hiring manager even though you may be more competent.


Having the right certification or two can put you over the top in your next interview.  It’s a differentiator that sets you apart from all others.  It shows you have taken that extra step to keep up with your expertise and maintain leadership in your function.  Some certifications are free and can be done on-line.  Other certificates may cost you a fee, but you need to assess the expense against the opportunity to expand your horizon. Here are some thoughts for certification by function, plus other listings that are in-demand.


Marketing:  Many certification in the Google series, the Cloud, digital marketing

Finance: Analyst (CFA), Accountant (CMA), plus Payable/Receivable, Auditing, etc.…

Sales:  Professional Sales Person (CPSP), Inside Sales Professional (CISP)

Administration:  Administrative Assistants (CAA), most all other functions

Healthcare: Technicians – Phlebotomy (CPT), Pharmacy (PTP), Patient Care (PCT)

Technology:  Major systems:  Google, Cisco, Agile, plus Bug and Customer Tracking, etc.

Human Resources:  Programs/levels of SHURM, Professional HR (PHR), etc.

Logistics:  APICS multiple functions/levels plus Distribution, Transportation, Driver

Projects: Project Management Professional (PMP), Associate Project Management (CAPM), CompTIA Project+, Associate Project Management (APM), plus others

Here’s a list of certifications that are in demand:

CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) – Red Cross or American Heart Association

BLS (Basic Life Support) – Basic emergency for first responders or part of a team

CNA (Certified Assistant Nursing) – Patient care to assist patients with daily life

ASE (Automotive Excellence) – For technicians working on car repair or garages

FIRST AID CERTIFICATION – Primary aid for life-threatening situations

SERVSAFE CERTIFICATION – Multiple topics for the food and hospitality industries

CMA (Certified Medical Assistant) – Assists nurses and physicians in offices, clinics, etc.

FORKLIST CERTIFICATION – Move heavy objects in warehouses, construction, etc.

HOME HEALTH AIDE CERTIFICATION – Working with home-bound patients


These are only a very small number of potential certifications.  Just go to Google and type in your field of interest with the word certification and see the alternatives open to you.   Working from home, whether part or full-time, can give you the opportunity to improve your value to potential employers while increasing your potential income.


A word about supply/demand.  A broad certification like accounting will draw a great number of other professionals (supply), but the marketplace will have a great number of openings (demand).  On the other hand, forensic accounting will have a very few numbers of people that have the certification, but the demand is smaller.  However, an organization will only hire a professional in a specialized function who has the required certification.


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