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Why does your resume need to be compelling after Covid-19?  Because the objective of a resume is to get an interview.  A hiring manager should read your resume and say, “This is someone I must talk with as they have the results I need in my post-Covid organization”.  Here are some guidelines to follow:


Header: Make is simple – Name, city/state, telephone number and email address.  No one needs your mailing address.  Make sure your email address is a professional one.

Objective:  This is where you describe what you can do for them.  Example: “To improve productivity in programs and operations by installing advanced business practices resulting in high performance with remote teams”.  If you can’t define your objective, neither can the hiring manager.  The next item reflect how you plan to achieve this objective.

Summary of Results:  Describe the major results you’ve achieved in your career to date.  Demonstrate, in measurable terms, the accomplishments that validates your objective stated above.  These achievements describe the “how” and the “outcome”.

Professional Experiences:  List your results with each past company. This is where you can define the “what” you accomplished, the results, and highest performance in your past.  The key is to match this list with the items in the position description.  Hiring managers want to see how you achieved the results that parallel the issues that needs to be resolved in their own organization.  If you’ve done it successfully somewhere else, the chances are you can do it again.

Technology:  All hiring managers want to make sure you are current or have state-of-the-art experiences in the technology within your function.  List those systems, applications, programs, or technologies that demonstrate your ability to be a leader in the new job.

Education/Certifications:  Your education is important, but just as important are additional certifications or professional accreditations that move you ahead of your counterparts.  It shows you have gone beyond the basics with advanced recognition.

Honors/Awards:  Hiring managers want to see how other organizations might have recognized your contributions, especially if it adds value for them.  A “Salesman of the Year” award may help get you the job of Sales Manager somewhere else

Professional Memberships:  Being active in a professional association shows a connection to others from which you can learn and/or source.  Most have conferences or conventions that provide new approaches or technology in an industry or function.  It shows that you have a continuing interest in expanding your knowledge.

Other:  This is where additional but relevant information can be found:  Languages, special skills, volunteer experiences, or anything else that can advance your candidacy.


Resumes give hiring managers insight into your potential contributions to their results.  Word-pictures are the best way for hiring managers to see what you are able to accomplish.  It differentiates you from all others and shows the hiring manager that you are worth the time and effort of an interview once the Covid-19 scare is over.


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