What’s your 2021 job search and career objective?  Find a better job in your industry?  Move to a different industry?  Transition to a new function? Each of these alternatives have different strategies given the marketplace supply and demand.


Here are some trends to help guide you to a more successful job search strategy:

  • Most hiring typically surges at the start of the new year and during the Fall season. The summer and the holiday season usually mean a down period for hiring.  Covid-19 has changed all that.  Hiring will begin to climb this Spring and continue to build from April to October, when it will peak.  So, stay in contact with your network.  They will know what’s happening in the marketplace and will be your touchstone with intelligence by industry and function.
  • The hiring trend will be determined by industry and size. Large companies can staff up earlier in technology, healthcare, financial services, e-commerce and customer services with a remote workforce.  Smaller business will have to wait until the workforce returns to their location. Sharpen and improve your skill sets with courses or certifications and expand your network.
  • One bright spot is companies looking for contract, consulting, temporary, or freelance workers before hiring new employees. In that way you stay productive, engaged, have a resume enhancer and put you in line for a full-time job.  They now know you, the quality of your work and how you fit into their culture.  It puts you first in line.
  • A benefit to part-time/consulting work is putting projects together while making a very good living. Consultants can charge an elevated rate because the work is short-term.  The skills required are usually at a higher level.  The downside is the loss of benefits.
  • Experiences while working at home remotely is a great asset. It gives you flexibility for job offers that asks for a hybrid schedule of both office and remote work.  Office work limits you to a commutable geographic area.  Working remotely provides a national venue and your location is not a prerequisite requiring you to relocate.
  • There are significant changes in the way you’re hired. More companies are using technology to screen and interview.  Computers are analyzing for key words used in the position description.  Your resume needs to fit the words used.  Another more unsettling technology is automated interviews that record your answers to questions like: “Describe your experiences”, or “What can you contribute to this job?” or other digital interview questions.  Prepare for these questions ahead of time.
  • The competition for higher level jobs will increase due to a number of factors: Past furloughs, the shift from office to remote to office, a downturn in some industries with an upturn in other industries.


In summary, stay informed about the marketplace, upgrade your skills, remain state-of-the-art, expand your network, and be flexible in looking for your next assignment.  The work-world has changed dramatically except for the need to hire and retain talented people.


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