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Now that you have remote work experience, how do you leverage that know-how into compensation of $100,000 or more a year.  Here’s some information to help understand where you are on the career ladder and what is possible.


Most likely your part of a remote group working on a project in your field of expertise.  Currently, the average pay for remote workers in the U.S. is about $50,000.  Just so you know, remote workers make over 8% more than non-remote workers doing the same job.  In the U.S. you should expect to earn between $20 and $60 an hour.  In a low-pay country the hourly pay is closer to $5 to $30 an hour.


As you move up the career ladder with time, experience and measurable results, your title and compensation will accelerate, due to the supply/demand equation in the marketplace.  Compensation is also driven by your educational level and the number, quality and level of specific certificates you achieve in your area of expertise. With technology continually changing, you have to remain at the leading edge.


Companies are reimagining how work can be done more effectively and/or efficiently.  Postings for open jobs are now twice as likely to require remote work experience than before the pandemic.  Higher paying senior roles are also being created to manage a remote workforce.  Titles like Senior Manager, Director, department head and the like have increased over 20% in the past year with a strong beginning for 2021.


What if you don’t want to work for a corporation, but rather earn your $100,000 from home with your own business?  Here are a few options:

  • Create a blog with information people want and are will to pay for a subscription
  • Write a book in an area that people are interested in. Maybe a “How To” book.
  • Teach a course on-line so others can learn a new skill or expand/change their career
  • Become a Day Trader, or teach others to invest in stock, bonds or mutual funds
  • Become an influencer, paid to direct others to products or services


So, what are the strong areas for remote jobs and leadership?  Here are a few:

  • Not surprising, technology workers are in high demand: Individuals who can help improve infrastructure, process improvement, productivity or performance.
  • Finance positions to manage a remote workforce with all the intricacies of creating and balancing remote budgets, pay, incentives, benefits, accounting and taxes.
  • Human Resource management needs to find, hire and build remote teams with workers that will span the U.S. and beyond. Someone needs to understand local laws and compliance issues of every state or nation making up the remote work group.
  • Senior marketing, customer service and communications roles are also in demand, especially with e-commerce experience to build an on-line presence for their future.


This is an exciting time to move your career to the next level.  This is always true when a transformational event occurs.  To those that are prepared, the future is yours.


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