Candidates think they can easily answer interview questions since its all about their past job responsibilities and experiences.  These are candidates who are the least prepared and will usually not make it to the next round.  Let’s take a closer look.


There are two kinds of questions asked during an interview and one “most asked question” as the Covid-19 period ends.  Prepare for these interview questions:


Specific resume questions – Go through your resume line-by-line and answer these three questions as if the hiring manager has asked: “What was the situation? “What action did you take?”, and “What was the result?”.  Practice each answer until you can give the best response in a 20 to 30 second reply.  If the hiring manager doesn’t ask about an item on your resume, chances are it’s not important.

When the hiring manager asks a second or third level question, like “How long did it take you to get those results?”, “What did the change action cost?”, or “Did you have to add staff?”, take note.  The chances are the hiring manager is very interested in that item and wants to know more.  It’s probably an issue for which he needs a solution.  Expand on the alternatives your pursued and why the solution chosen was the right one.


Non-resume open questions – There’s a list of about 50 Most Asked Questions that you should be aware.  Some are easy (Why are you looking for a new job?  What are your strengths and weaknesses?  Where do you want to be in 5 years?) and some are difficult (Mistakes you made and how you recovered?  What would your current boss say about you?  The worse decision you ever made and why?)

All of these 50 Most Asked Questions are predictable.  You should get a copy and prepare responses to all of them before an interview with the hiring manager. (If you would like a copy of the 50 that I have collected, just send me an email to the address below requesting the list).


Usually there are no right or wrong answers to open question. The hiring manager is trying to assess how you think and compose an answer on the fly.  If you have a grasp and are prepared for some of them, you’ll be well ahead of the other candidates who are not prepared.


“Most asked question” post Covid-19 – A hiring manager wants to find out if a candidate is a self-starter, increased their knowledge with new learning during the Covid-19 period, or volunteered in the community.  The question they will ask is, “What did you do during the months of Covid-19 while you were home working remotely?”.  The candidate who answers that they got a new certification on-line, researched a new technology in their field, or delivered meals to the homeless, will be in a much better position than those candidates who didn’t.


Preparation is the key to interviewing well.


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