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Have you decided to re-engage in the job market to move up after a furlough or job break?  The marketplace is very different now.  There’s a series of important questions that most hiring managers will want to know.  You’ll need persuasive responses.


  • Why do you want to make a change? Some reasons are understandable, others not.  You need to be honest but not spend a lot of time explaining your rationale.  One short answer is best, like, “The pandemic changed my career momentum”.  Or “I want to demonstrate high performance for a results-oriented organization”.
  • Are you missing critical skills/experiences since your last move? Technical skills are changing and upgrading almost daily. Hiring managers are impressed with individuals who have taken courses or gotten certifications on-line while waiting to get back into the marketplace. If you haven’t increased your skills, you may have a difficult time demonstrating your readiness.
  • Will you need to be retrained in a new job or are you prepared from day one? The less training you need, the better positioned you are as a candidate.  Study the job description.  Compare your experiences so you’re 75% or more in meeting requirements.  Make notes where you fall short and develop a plan to catch up.
  • Are your computer skills up to speed in order to contribute to results? Knowledge of teleconferencing is critical to reentering the marketplace.  Learn the different kinds of computer conferencing with others.  Practice how to set up, invite, and respond to systems like Zoom, Skype, GoToMeeting, and so on.  Practice with a friend, then a group.  Become proficient as you’ll be asked to interview remotely.
  • Are you able to work from home or supervise others? This is an experience you need to demonstrate.  You’ll need a dedicated work station.  Certain times during the day or night must be available for undisturbed conference calls.  You may be doing customer contacts and will need a positive presence if using teleconferencing.
  • How much of a risk will the supervisor be assuming when taking a chance on hiring you? This is the question the hiring manager will be asking when interviewing you.  Show the hiring manager how your experiences match the open job.  Show how you can improve performance.  Cite skills that can improve productivity on the new job.
  • Get validation and support. Create a support network: Past bosses, colleagues, family, friends and those who can introduce you into potential hiring organizations.  Create a professional presence on-line with LinkedIn and other social media.  Highlight your experiences, skills and accomplishments.
  • How will you be an asset in this new job? If you can’t articulate your value to a hiring organization, no one else can. Your past results are the key to your next opportunity.


Don’t focus too much time on why you want a change. Focus on the results you bring to the organization to contribute to their goals.


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