Have you been interviewed by a robot yet?  Here are some quotes from those who have, along with some suggestions if asked for your feedback:


Quotes from those already interviewed by a robot:


  • The interview is one-way, without any interaction nor personal engagement. Any company using this method has no regard for the individual sensitivity to the job.
  • Being interviewed by a robot computer is not only demeaning, but also insulting
  • These interviews are uncomfortable, lack interaction, time pressure precludes conversation, lacks important elements for high performance, is preferential to the video-bright candidate who may be articulate but not the best candidate.
  • The interview lacks spontaneity. Responses to rote questions can be easily guessed at.  If I’m asked, “Tell me about yourself” by a computer, the good actor can prepare a script to fool the computer rather than respond to the job to be done.
  • Totally impersonal. No opportunity to ask relevant questions, get a feel for the work-team or culture and is not geared to the creative problem solver.
  • I will not work for a company that isn’t interested in my views, feedback, questions or discussion. It tells me how working within such a company would be, which is counter to my concept of participation, team objectives, common goals, etc.
  • If you find that a company requires you to complete a one-way interview, walk away. Just think what it’s going to be like if hired.
  • Looks good on paper, but not in reality. One-sided, debasing and offensive.
  • High performing, talented and in-demand professionals don’t need to go through an insulting robo-interview. Only the sub-par or desperate candidates need apply.
  • If your good on-camera, you’ll probably do well.
  • There is no benefit for potential candidates. You get no information about the job, expectations nor issues to be resolved.  A total waste.
  • If you want to know how the “meat market” works, interview with a robot.
  • It demonstrates the incompetence of the hiring staff that they can’t’ tell the difference between a high potential and low potential candidate.
  • This sort of technology speaks volumes as to who they are as an organization, rather than who you are as a quality candidate.
  • If you’re in the people business, interface with customer, vendors, suppliers, or deal with the outside world, interviewing with a robot is worthless. If your job has no human touch, then robot-interviews are made just for you.


So, what do you do if asked to respond to a robot-interview?  My thoughts:

  • Practice and become expert in answering the questions you know will be asked, in a succinct and personal way. Go to the internet and ask what are the typical questions in a robo-interview.
  • At the end, if asked for comments, respond by using one of the bullet responses above that best parallels your position. It may get you an interview by your being honest and open.  If not, it’s not your kind of place.


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