Those two words, confusion and uncertainty, describe the marketplace right now. 49 of the 50 states report an increased rate of the corona virus.  The Delta variant spreads more efficiently, there is more social mixing, and an unequal distribution of vaccines to different states and populations. Confusion exists as to remote versus office work, wearing masks or not, indoor or outdoor rules, how long this uncertainty will last and how it effects the work to be done.


Companies are caught with constant changes of policies and the impact on its employees:  Hours worked, schedules, school practices, childcare, commutation, customer service, and so on.  One issue is whether there are enough workers to keep the business open in the restaurant, hospitality and retail sectors.  Each organization has different policies for vaccinations, if and how testing is done, who are the exceptions to the rules and why.  With different rules, the confusion and uncertainties have increased.


So, what do you do?  Here are some thoughts to consider:

  • First, identify current policies within your company and your function. What are your alternatives versus what best fits your work and personal life?
  • If you have a choice, maintain as much remote work as possible. The reason is simple:  It will take another 6 months or longer before more research and experience with the virus will dictate the best course of action for organizations to take.  Some are requiring office work too soon and will have to modify their policies.
  • If you’re asked to come into the office more than 1 or 2 times a week, ask your manager for a different schedule. If your schedule causes a hardship for you and your family, most organizations will try to accommodate you.
  • If you are being forced to spend more time in the office than you can accommodate, or your health and that of your family is being compromised, talk to human resources. There may be a way to compromise the differences.
  • Check out the marketplace to see if there are other positions with another company that will be more flexible in their policies. You may find a comparable job, a position that is 100% remote, increased compensation, or a promotion.  You’ll never know unless you tap into the millions of jobs that are seeking talented remote employees or supervisors.
  • Make sure your resume emphasizes remote experiences so any transition will be smooth and easy. This is especially true during the first screening interview by phone.  This is when the decision is made whether to advance your resume to the next step.
  • If you can demonstrate that you actively enhanced your skills and experience through on-line courses during the past year, hiring managers will see you in a more favorable light. You have shown initiatives to sharpen and advance your skills.


During this period of transition, people will decide whether the policies of their company are compatible with their needs.  They will vote with their feet if necessary.


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