Do you sense a change in the work place about your job or performance?  Do you feel it’s time to refresh/update your current job, test the marketplace, or begin a quiet search for a better opportunity?  Here are some tell-tale signs that might give you some insights and what to do about it.


Check these warning signs:

  • Are you working as hard or effectively as you did during prior years? If you are more efficient in getting results, do you have some free time to add to your contributions?
  • Are you just doing the minimum, miss deadlines or feel like you’ve done enough?
  • Are you engaged in company activities? Volunteer for projects, meetings, or parties?
  • Do you come in late, leave early or take more days off than usual?
  • Are you less engaged with co-workers? Do they seek you out more or less?  Do you seek them out more or less?  Are you an active member of a team?
  • Is the work environment different than in the past? In what way?
  • Do you speak up less, give fewer ideas, or ways the team can work more effectively?
  • Have you become more vocal about little things that bother you? Are those things about people, behavior, work rules, supervisors, policies, strategies or other items?
  • Have you complained to HR about a situation or a complaint been filed toward you?
  • Are you less concerned about what your manager or senior leadership thinks about you? Does upper management acknowledge your presence and are friendly?
  • Are you continually taking courses or getting certifications to update your skill sets? Do you feel like you’re falling behind, doing the same thing you did a few years ago?
  • Have you been passed over for another assignment and feel you were the best person that should have been chosen?


We all have our ups and downs in the workplace. The questions are how frequently and to what degree.  If you’d rather sleep-in in the morning than go into work, then you have some basic questions to ask yourself. So, what do you do about it?

  • Talk to your supervisor about your performance, opportunities to advance, added responsibilities or projects you can work on. Talk to human resources about courses or certifications.  What kind of feedback are you getting?
  • If neither of those resources are helpful, talk with a more experienced co-worker, another manager that you trust on a confidential basis, or an outside advisor
  • Research what others are doing in your field. Are you competitive given your experience, age and level?  What’s happening in your industry and function?
  • What’s the supply/demand equation for similar positions in the marketplace?
  • Network with those who are in your function and level? What do they see?


A yearly check-up about your performance, attitude, preparation to advance and your overall sense of progress, or lack thereof, is essential.  The pace of change and your ability to keep up with the dynamics in the marketplace is critical.  Continually assess your outlook, potential warning signs and steps to take.


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