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Working remotely has been a positive event as viewed by most employees.  So say national surveys.  A majority of employees are not highly receptive to going back full-time in an office setting.  A hybrid system of remote and office visits seems to be the answer right now as far as employees are concerned.  Managers, however, are different.


The fly in the ointment seems to be managers who are supervising remote work and the difficulty they are experiencing.  The question is, how can you help your boss do their job better and avoid the problems that can affect your performance in a negative way.  In other words, reduce your boss’s pain and increase your value to him/her.  It’s in your best interest.  Here are some ways to do that:

  • Understand your manager’s issues. Managers have been jerked around.  First, asked to supervise an office group, then a remote group for which they were never trained, and now switch to a hybrid group schedule.  They’re getting dizzy just trying to keep up with each new demand, plus:
    • Find and hire new employees with the skills that are needed
    • Orient and integrate them into the changing work group
    • Develop a work schedule that fits everyone’s need
    • Improve performance in the meantime
  • Be available to your manager. The biggest frustration for a manager?  To receive a change from a customer or senior manager that needs immediate attention, then being unable to locate the employee who has the answer.  Some employees call back later with a made-up excuse, or have no excuse at all.  At the very least, leave a note when you will or will not be available.
  • Ask if you can help. Many managers are working many more hours with increased stress than ever before.  For over 40% of managers there is an imbalance of work and personal life.  The employee that asks if they can help to provide additional support is viewed by the manager in a very positive way.  It may mean a simple task for you, or an extra hour of your time.  The benefits to you are great.
  • Here are some ways to make yourself the “go-to” person and also prepare you to be a manager yourself.  Volunteering for these special projects will get you moving up the career ladder quicker.
    • Be a mentor or trainer for new employees. Show them the ropes while becoming a senior-ranking employee of the team
    • Run a work-shop for customers/employees on a new system or change of procedure
    • Be responsible for part of an on-line meeting or a presentation to customers


Over time, who do you think will get the higher performance rating, merit increase and promotional opportunities?  The employee who is available, wants to help, takes on a project to assist the manager, or the employee who can’t seem to be reached when needed?  Take a guess.  Do you add to your manager’s stress or reduce it?


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