There are certain signs that you need to pay attention to when thinking about your career.  You don’t want to be caught unaware when your job, the marketplace, or the environment around you are changing.  Let’s review some examples and your potential response.


  • Millions of employees have left their jobs over the past months. This leaves significant opportunities that would hitherto been unavailable.  This might be a good time to test the marketplace to see if you can advance your career before the prospects close.
  • Companies have come to realize that they need to increase their compensation in order to attract talented workers. You can work this reality two ways:  First, talk to your company about raising your pay based on your performance, the rising tide of competitive compensation and your loyal commitment to the company.  Second, test the comparative pay scale of similar jobs in other companies.  Where do you stand?
  • Are you burned out? The pace of change has accelerated and some workers have been asked to do more than is reasonable.  You need a break, a new challenge or a different job.
  • Maybe you’ve plateaued? Staying in the job for an extended period of time may cause you to fall behind the career curve.  Stay ahead of the curve by pursuing advanced classes or certifications in your field.  If your competition has not advanced their skills, you have a distinct advantage.
  • Some employees feel a disconnect with their boss or company. Sometimes the priorities change and may not be communicated within the company. Talk with your boss to make sure your job is highly relevant.  Some jobs become secondary.  When that happens, you become vulnerable.
  • Your life/work balance is not in synch, causing disruptions within your family or work demands. This is happening a great deal because of the pandemic.  Talk to your family first and your boss second.  There has to be a compromise, or the situation will get worse.
  • The first sign of a problem is when an employee no longer feels safe and secure. At times, the signs are indirect:  You hear about another job and are interested; your attitude toward the boss or company has changed; your work schedule is being modified from remote to office or hybrid; you’re bored or tired of doing the same thing over and over without any training or development to add new and higher-level responsibilities.
  • When was the last time you sat down with your boss or human resources and talked about your career, potential for advancement, training/development to attain new skills, projects to expand your role and experiences, or what you need to do to make yourself more attractive for promotion?


If your boss or organization doesn’t discuss your growth or opportunities to advance, then you must go to them.  Your career is always your responsibility.  If they are not receptive to helping you increase responsibilities or expand your horizon, your only option is to seek an organization that will.


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