How are your Zoom skills?  It seems that most interviews are being handled by remote technology.  With all the people I’ve helped find new and better jobs over the past 12 years, only a few initial interviews have been in person. Here’s an overview for you to review:


PREPARATION:  Getting ready for a Zoom interview will pay off by reducing errors.

  • Research the company and job. The more you know the better off you’ll be.
  • Ask for the list of interviewers along with their titles or responsibilities. Google them to find any common areas of experience, education or interests.  Know who the boss is.
  • Review the position description and match your experiences with the job requirements. During the interview, make sure you highlight those key elements.
  • For important points to remember, put small stickie notes on the computer screen. They can’t be seen by others, but will help you remember what you want to present.
  • Dress professionally. Match the dress of the interviewers. If you aren’t sure, ask.
  • Find a neutral location. No distractions.  No children.  No pets.  No ringing telephones.


PRACTICE:  The more you prepare, the smoother your responses will be to questions.

  • Ask a friend or colleague to practice interviewing with you on Zoom
  • Rehearse questions that you know will be asked about your experiences, education and skills needed. Ask yourself, if you were the manager, what would you ask?
  • Video tape your practice sessions. Modify your answers to find the best responses.


MINIMIZE ERRORS:  Eliminate those things that diminish your candidacy

  • Never chew gum or breath mints. Don’t place the computer lens below eye level.
  • Don’t take copious notes. But do take quick notes of key information, like objectives of the position, expectations, time-lines, and issues needing resolution.
  • Don’t waste time asking premature questions. Salary, benefits, and vacation policies will be provided during an offer, not while interviewing.  Focus on your contributions.


EXECUTE:   Some things to do.

  • Answer most questions in 20 to 30 seconds with a crisp, concisely articulated response
  • Questions are best answered by stating the issue, actions you took and results achieved. The interviewer can then ask a follow-up question which gives you opportunity to expand.
  • Address the interviewer(s) by name. For questions about your core experiences, ask the group if they would like more examples, anecdotes, or greater elaboration.
  • Maintain eye contact with the person to whom you’re speaking. Make a personal connection.  If their eye connection drifts, make sure they’re not bored.
  • Be careful not to scowl or grimace with a question. Your non-verbal actions are important.
  • Be an “active” listener. Watch for a head nod or positive facial expressions.
  • Sit up straight and lean in slightly. Nod or smile when appropriate to project enthusiasm.
  • At the end of the interview, summarize the key points: Expectation, issues needing resolution, and results anticipated.  Then ask about the next steps.


Your objective is to be invited back for a finalist interview.  Good luck.


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