Why is now a good time to seek a promotion?  Three reasons:

  • Millions of employees are leaving the workforce: Retiring, starting a new business, or burn-out from the pandemic work demands.  There are major opportunities for you.
  • The economy is picking up, so prospects are opening up for higher level jobs
  • Talented people working in technology are in high demand in almost all sectors

With any goal there are dos and don’ts.  Seeking a promotion is no different.  It’s at least worth the effort to check it out.  Here’s a list to guide your progress toward a promotion.



  • Maintain a high level of performance. Promotions aren’t given to weak performers
  • Be realistic about your expectations. You can’t assume that you’re next in line
  • Have quarterly meeting with your manager around expectations and opportunities
  • Keep a record of your measurable results. The boss may not remember them all
  • Take calculated risks at times. Being overly cautious is admirable, but uninspiring
  • Look forward rather than backwards. Learn from the past, but embrace change
  • Always complete the tasks assigned. Never leave projects unfinished
  • Be passionate about your work. If not, find another job, company or industry
  • Develop strong working relationships with the boss and co-workers.



  • Play defense all the time. No one respects a “yes” person all the time
  • Be a braggard. They’re discounted as a leader.  Let your results speak for you
  • Remain in your comfort zone all the time. Be innovative in your approach to issues
  • Freeze in place contemplating failure. Create and implement alternative solutions
  • Be a grouchy worker. No one likes to work with a complainer. It pushes people away
  • Be overcritical of yourself. Emphasize the good, while overcoming your weakness
  • Wait for success to come to you. Go after it. Take action rather than being passive
  • Be distrustful of your co-workers or boss. It will hold back your potential
  • Be distracted by superficial events. Gossip or unhelpful workers work against you.


Who normally gets promoted?  Usually it’s someone who:

  • Has above average performance or is the best performance within the group
  • Is someone with whom others seek assistance, information or counsel
  • Is sought out by the manager when he/she has a problem or needs support
  • Has prepared for the next step in responsibilities and has planned for it
  • Is always available to help when needed. Doesn’t gripe when asked to assist
  • Has a positive and encouraging attitude. A cheerleader rather than a nay-sayer
  • Is engaging and participative within the group. Shares accolades with the team.


Promotion opportunities are at a high rate of potential.  Now is the time to seek your promotional goal by talking with your current organization while researching opportunities in the marketplace.  You owe it to yourself and your family to check out your options.


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