A Harris Poll survey for USA TODAY in March of 2022 revealed some interesting facts from those that quit hastily during the pandemic for a “better” opportunity.  What are some of the regrets?  The new job was different from the job description; they lost the balance of work & life; not a compatible culture; they didn’t do their research; and greater then 50% said they are less happy or valued in their new job.


That’s quite a report!  They’re finding that about 20% of those workers who quit their job over the past 2 years, regret it.  On the other hand, about 40% of businesses hired individuals that didn’t meet the hiring standards, which caused a lag in performance and expected results.  Only 26% of those that quit say they like their new job and 30% are still looking for another, better job.  Not good odds.  How long do people give the new job before they start looking again? Two to six months seem to be the range.  Also, many employees who left their companies for greener pastures tried to get their old job back.


So, what should you do or not do?

  • Do not accept a job only through zoom interviews. Visit the location, meet with co-workers, take a tour, meet the bosses boss.  Check it all out.
  • If your job is remote, interview with the whole team, not just the manager. I would also suggest you talk to some team members individually, to ask them what it’s really like in their current job. If the manager says “no”, be very suspicious.
  • When companies hire with only a one-day visit and an hour interview, the chances for hiring the wrong person increases. The fit may be wrong.
  • When a mistake is made, both the individual and company lose. The individual is on the market again (that’s strike two), and the company has to find, train and hope for the best.
  • Don’t be overly swayed by more money. Increased earnings are not an equal tradeoff with unhappiness on the job.
  • If the job is said to be “remote”, get it in writing. Some companies are making the switch to the office while others are a hybrid, with office and remote.  What are their plans?
  • Some companies that are desperate for new employees can have a turnover problem, or may overstate their hours, vacation, and so on. Be careful of the hype.
  • Zoom interviews may not give you the time to get your questions fully answered.
  • Get all information about benefits, retirement and other critical information. There is a great difference in your cost of benefits between companies.


What are the critical questions to ask?  If you don’t ask these three, you’re unprepared:

  • What are the expectations for results within the first 6 and 12 months?
  • How will my performance be measured? What are the standards for high and low performance?
  • Describe your culture, management style and opportunities to grow my skills


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