The economy, world events, technology and career opportunities keep shifting with the times.  Keep ahead of changes that affect your current job, direction and future value by understanding the trends and developments in the marketplace.  Here are some key trends:

  • Currently the pandemic has caused a major disruption in almost all areas of the job marketplace. Those who are flexible and adapt to the new environment can move up the career and compensation ladder.  Presently there are high demand positions with a low supply of talent who can work either in an office or remote location, are highly skilled in technology, and can migrate to those industries that are in high growth.  However, the marketplace will soften rapidly.  You need to move quickly to take advantage before the opportunity door closes.
  • What are the jobs in high demand? For at least 2 years: Most all areas in healthcare, aides, nurses, administration of services, personal services, and so on; most all areas of technology, from data collection to cybersecurity, software and web development; research analyst, especially big data; also, construction specialists in the major trades, electrical, plumbing, finishing carpentry, stone mason, to name a few.
  • Jobs that are in low demand? Stay away from jobs that can easily be replaced by robots, automation or computer assisted work in some way.
  • One trend to keep an eye on is the large number of retirements and those who are either starting their own businesses, or are taking part-time or project consulting work for short periods of time. Many retirements are happening in larger companies that are less flexible in remote work and life-work balance.
  • A common denominator for all jobs in the near future: Jobs and performance that can add to current revenue, add new revenue, decrease costs, improve productivity, increase performance (but not staff), install new systems to improve efficiency, or design processes that impact positive operating results.  Whenever you interview, suggest innovative ways to improve performance that will show you as a top candidate.
  • Companies are looking for ways to improve their work flexibility (office and remote), and better manage the work-life balance. Some companies are trying to accommodate their employees’ needs, other companies give It lip service but aren’t changing much. And some companies have no idea about what employees want.  Do more research to find out how your current and potential employers view these issues.
  • Remote work will remain in demand, but not at the same high level as during the pandemic. Employers have learned the value of remote work in reducing the cost of some business transactions, while at the same time using a hybrid office/remote work to balance the needs of both employers and employees.
  • Keep current technology skills up to date as systems and applications keep changing. Continuously add new programs or applications to broaden out your technical skills to be more marketable and of value to more potential hiring organizations.

Keep track of the emerging trends in order to accelerate your career.

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