There’s been a disruptive upheaval in the way in which job searches are being conducted and how potential candidates must adapt to the new normal.  Instead of the relatively simple process of resume, personal interview and offer, job searches are much more complex.  These are different facets of the job search changes and what to do to make your candidacy more viable.

  • Hiring managers want to understand your real value to them over other candidates. They want to see in your resume what skills, experiences and results you have achieved over the past year that are transferable to their organization.
  • You’re in a national marketplace rather than just a local one. Jobs are being filled with remote workers.  Proximity to the work site is not the only factor.  The competition for you is a hundred-fold greater than before.  Hiring organizations can be very picky and demand that you have direct experiences in their specific industry, function and job.
  • If you haven’t experienced remote interviews, how to conduct a strong presentation and reduce the obstacles to a powerful appearance, get it now. If you’ve interviewed remotely but haven’t been selected, get some coaching and practice diligently. It’s a skill you must have in the future.
  • Group interactions have dramatically been reduced, like associations, alumnus, conferences and training programs. Opportunities to expand your contacts are more limited.  Your ability to grow your current network connections is even more important.  Set up network chats to find out who can connect you to others.
  • The questions being asked by a hiring manager include those that focus on your use of time while you’re in a lockdown or working remotely. One question is, “How have you been expanding your skills and experiences either by on-line courses, advanced certifications or developing new interests that can benefit your next employer?”
  • One advantage in your favor if the job you are applying for is within a commutable distance: State that you are willing to work a flexible schedule, both in terms of days working in an office and hours available, like 3 days in the office and 2 days remotely, or a 4 day-10 hours plan, or working on Saturday rather than Monday.
  • Consider publishing articles for a professional journal, website or blog. The idea is to get your name out there since your options for personal contacts are limited.  Make sure your resume, LinkedIn profile, and social media information is consistent.  Set up your own blog to associations or networks of people in your industry, past bosses, peers and subordinates.
  • Put together a portfolio of your work: Short descriptions of results you’ve achieved in different jobs and/or locations.  This list can serve as a resource when your asked for examples of past accomplishments from current or past employers.  Rather than try to construct examples of high performance and outstanding achievements on the spot, you’ll have a ready collection ready-made.

Differentiating yourself from other candidates is critical in this changing market.

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