How do you make your current job more attractive?  What do you want in your next job?

Companies are trying to make the workplace more attractive in order to find and keep high performing employees.  Other than pay and benefits, what are employees looking for in the work place?  These are the items from the clients I work with:

PURPOSE – Jobs that make sense, have value and can relate to an end objective are the most meaningful.  Work that is repetitive and has no relation to an end result is boring and doesn’t lend itself to fulfillment.  Employees want to see how their work contributes to a outcome that adds value.  Work that doesn’t add to the greater good is less interesting.


A MENTORING MANAGER – Wouldn’t it be great to have a manager from whom you could learn, be able to talk with openly, and receive solid advice?  Someone who makes you feel good about yourself and to be part of a successful team effort?  Managers with these skills are at a premium, but they do exist.  If you have one, gain as much value as you can, for as long as you can.  Assess any potential new boss during an interview.

STABILITY – With so much turmoil over past two years, employees are looking for a work environment that gives them a constancy and continuity.  Constant change will affect performance, both as an individual and company.  A company in the midst of reorganization or potential merger is cause for anxiety.  Make sure you are compatible with either remote, office or a hybrid work that isn’t going to continually change.


CULTURAL FIT – If you don’t fit into the social, management or behavioral norms of the workplace, you won’t last long.  Are you team-oriented or individually competitive?  Do you respond better to autocratic or collaborative supervisors?  Do you work best with colleagues that are relationship oriented or not?  Astute questions during an interview will give you clue as to whether you’ll fit nicely into the new culture, or not.


ADAPTABILITY – Companies are looking for employees that are flexible with their time, attitude and style.  This works two ways:  In the workplace and as an individual.  Can you work effectively remote, in an office or both?  Can you work in a flex schedule with other co-workers?  Are you able to participate in projects as a team member while operating as an individual contributor?  Understand your own level of flexibility.

ADVANCEMENT – Employees want to improve their current skills. develop new skills,

expand their responsibilities and have the potential for promotion.  A dead-end job is never fun.  Sometimes you need to move side-ways in order to move up.  Always look for new opportunities to explore and expand your skills, knowledge and abilities.  On-line courses can help to do that without the organization’s instruction.  It shows initiative.

Of course, every worker is different.  Knowing what you need to thrive is essential to a successful career.

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