Do you know the four skills you have to master in order to find and get the job of your dreams?  Most of these skills are easy to acquire with commitment and perseverance.  Find out what you need to do in order to become the candidate of choice for your dream job.

Create a powerful “Master” resume – A “master” resume Is one from which all other customized resumes are created.  Each resume should be designed and tailored to match the requirements of an open position.  Never send a generic resume.  A hiring manager receiving a tailor-designed resume should be able to say, “This is someone I want to talk with, as they have the skills and experiences that I’m looking for in a candidate”.  When a hiring manager sees a candidate who meets or exceeds their expectations, an interview will follow.


Maintain/upgrade your functional skills – One of the first questions asked during an interview is, “What did you do during the pandemic?”.  Those candidates who took on-line courses, received an advanced certificate, or advanced their skill-sets over the past two years will be seen as the kind of employee a hiring organization wants:  Always advancing their skills and experiences for the benefit of the organization.  Keeping or upgrading your functional skills will better prepare you for the new job rather than trying to “catch up” with the new demands.  With technology and job requirements continually changing, you must keep ahead of the competition.


Search for a compatible match – Employees who change jobs without researching the new company may find themselves in the marketplace again. When the cultural compatibility of the new company is a mismatch, it’s usually the employee that comes out for the worse.  You may work best as an engaging and participative employee, while the new company’s management style might be autocratic.  Your communication style may be open and expressive while the new company is uncommunicative about objectives, results expectations or steps to attain new skills.  To find the right match, you need to ask the right questions during the interview.


Improve your interviewing skills – No skill set is more important than how you interview for a new job.  Your interviewing skills will improve your candidacy dramatically if you anticipate the questions that will be asked, and practice answering those questions in the most commanding way.  Assume the fictitious role of the hiring manager, then ask yourself what questions would you ask potential candidates.  You can guess at least 80% of the questions that will be asked of you.  You will have a tremendous advantage over all other candidates if you’re prepared for the questions and have practiced answering with three facts:  The situation, the action you took, and the measurable results.

Today’s marketplace is becoming more demanding, with increased scrutiny of past performance.  Hiring managers are increasingly picky when looking for talent.  You need to anticipate the demands and prepare to meet or exceed them.


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