If you think like a CEO in your job, you’ll be significantly more successful than if you only think about your function in isolation.  Always consider how your job, performance and results fit into the larger organization.

Only the CEO sees and understands how each part of the business fits into an integrated matrix to reach the ultimate goal of the organization.  Internal and external conflicts may hinder those objectives from being reached.  But the one major factor that causes a shortfall in results are the departments, functions and individuals that only look for their own results at the expense of the total organization.

What are the factors that can assist each part of the organization to work in harmony to achieve the full potential of the total organization?  Let me suggest some alternatives you may want to consider:

  • The big picture – Ask the question, “What’s in the best interest of the organization?”.  Develop a number of alternative actions to get your functional results.  Then ask, “What are the implications for each alternative?”.  There may be multiple courses of action between your job success and the total unit’s success.  Discuss these options with your boss.  Find a solution that works best for all.
  • Be proactive – Look for the actions that will move your function beyond normal expectations. How can you perform at a higher level that will assist the larger organization to move forward more quickly?  Not only will you improve your own performance, but you’ll also expand and learn new ways to obtain results.
  • Listen for cues and clues – Leadership occurs when you have information about what is possible, given the resources available. Listen and learn from others.
  • Engage others in your strategy – The more helping hands around a common goal, the easier the task. Creating high performance is difficult on your own.  Develop a strong network of dependable and capable people.
  • Lead by example – You can’t lead from behind or as part of the herd. Be out front demonstrating the behaviors and results that are achievable.  Influence leaders will become visible within the organization, then credible in their accomplishments.
  • Think through potential solutions – People follow those who have a credible plan and are part of the solution. If you can’t see the end-point, neither can they.
  • Work a plan – Identify benchmarks along the way so you know where you are at any given time. Communicate progress and the need to adjust the plan.
  • Take reasonable risk – The better your information, the less the risk. Flawed assumptions and unrealistic expectations are the great killers of ideas and work products.  Be conservative with your promises and over produce with your results.
  • Share the compliments – Repeating successful results come from those who are recognized for past achievements and continue as a part of a successful team.

High performance is achieved when you contribute to the results of the larger organization over just your job.

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