Why in the world should it be difficult to find a job when there are millions of jobs that are open?  Should you be doing something different?  Let’s look at some issues and solutions.

You’ve been out of the mainstream for a while:  If you’ve been out of your sweet spot for more than two years, you have an issue.  No matter what the cause (the pandemic, being a caregiver, remote wok, raising children) you need to modify your expectations.  The chances of finding a job equal to when you left the marketplace, is problematic.  Emphasize your value as an experienced worker as long as you have kept your skills updated.  Industries seeking experienced workers are hospitality, healthcare, retail, restaurants and sales. State that you need little training.


Your skills are behind job requirements:  Major changes have occurred in most fields over the past 3 years.  Unless you have upgraded your education, gained a higher level of certification, or somehow kept your skills at a high level, your chances of finding a job are diminished.  Seek courses or training programs to bring you up to the current requirements.  The other option is to pursue a lower-level job that could lead to a fuller use of your talents with a promotion a short time later.


You appear to be overqualified: If you were a supervisor or manager, chances are it will be difficult to obtain a similar position.  If you were a worker-bee, your opportunities increase.  If you have good experiences working remotely, your odds of finding a job increases. There may be situations whereby returning at a lower-level job may be your only alternative.  However, once in a job, experienced individuals tend to get promoted quicker.


Your potential bosses are younger than you:  Chances are that you’ll be older than your boss.  That may be a problem if you’re seen as a threat, or the boss is intimidated by your experience.  If you position yourself as a supporter and behind the scenes mentor of the younger boss, you’ll be seen as a valued asset.  Your resume and interviews must demonstrate experiences as an excellent worker and a team player who supports the organizational goals.


A bias against older candidates:  About half of the unemployed are over 45 years of age.  That’s a lot of wasted talent.  The organization that realizes the value of that age group will find a hidden resource if managed well.  The objective of those over 45 is to show that they are computer-savvy, need little training, have an enthusiastic approach, with a can-do attitude, and are eager to become a high performer and team member.


Talent is hard to hide.  Show the attributes a boss wants.  Those that are experienced, have a positive and engaging attitude, and the necessary skills to be a higher performer, are hard to say “no” to in an interview.

P.S.  On your resume, indicate that you are fully protected with all of the Corona virus shots.

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