How would you answer the question, “What kind of work schedule would you prefer, office only, hybrid (between office and work-from-home), or work-from-home only?”  The best answer, given the current marketplace is “Any one of them”:  An alternative that can be mutually decided between you and your manager.  Why?  Here are some trends to consider:

  • Most economists expect a U.S. and global recession over the next year or so. Management needs contingent strategies for changes in revenue, costs and labor
  • Over 80% of CEO’s are studying alternatives for cutting the workforce to meet demands for the next 6 to 18 months.
  • Remote workers are most likely to be first on the list to be put on leave, made part time or be terminated. Bringing key employees into to office makes sense when looking at productivity and tightening up standards of performance
  • Hybrid workers, who are in the office and also work remotely, are in the best position to transition to a new schedule that accommodates the needs of the organization. Being seen and getting the news of a workforce reduction early can make the difference between having a job or not
  • With a recession pending, the mix of at-home versus in-office could shift from 30 or 40% remote to 10 or 20% remote, depending upon the industry and function
  • In-office workers have an advantage in a tight labor market as they are involved with work planning and assigning work, along with interacting with supervisors and other managers
  • The greatest number of hybrid workers are in-office on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, with Thursdays being the third choice. Mondays and Fridays are usually used for remote work
  • There are fewer open jobs now than a month ago. The labor market continues to tighten
  • If there is a policy change to bring most if not all of the company employees in-office, the hybrid worker will already be partially situated in a transition position
  • Even though a large segment of the employee population would prefer to work from home, the smart worker should keep their options open by working a hybrid schedule

The marketplace is in a transition and will continue to be unsettled for another year.  If you currently have a job that you’re satisfied with for now, hang on to it and plan your next move carefully.  If you currently have a job and you’re dissatisfied or fear a cutback, check out the marketplace for a new job that doesn’t cause a relocation.  Maintain your compensation level if possible as this will be a short-term fix.  Hold off making a major move until you don’t have a choice.

The longer you wait for the right job to move up the career ladder, with the right organization and growth prospect, the better.  As the marketplace sorts itself out, the greater the chance of finding the right job for you.  The more unsettled the job market the more opportunities will become apparent.

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